Late procrastination: long-sweet desktop

After a long delay, the previous article about the chair was a long time ago. At that time, it was valued by friends and sundry on the desktop. After a delay of six months, this time it was true:

The sun shines on the front and we talk slowly. I like to play racing games so I’m on a triple screen.

The biggest advantage of triple screen is the large aspect ratio (48 to 9 is more than two with fish screen) so you can see more cockpit will not have a lack of perspective, can perfectly present the cockpit perspective, this game is dust 3, now in Play dust raid (pulled and abused every day), but the dust game is still very embarrassing, for everyone to see two of my own video

This is a stunt race recorded before the live betta game. In order to do a live broadcast, I also bought a condenser mic. There are only a few hundred people watching it every day and no one is giving gifts. Perhaps my mouth is too stupid enough to be thick enough.

The topic was a bit far. Let's talk about the table. The table was introduced by many people in the previous issue. Obviously, I would say a serious chair. The size is 1 meter 4 long and 70 centimeters wide. This size just puts down 24 inches. Triple screen, or 27 inch plus 2.0 5 inch audio, if you put the fish screen, bookshelf box to be reduced to 4 inch before the harmony, this table I bought 270 cost explosion table, using plywood steel frame structure, optional skin (each Imitation wood veneer used for 3 years without much wear and tear is very satisfied).

Display is used by Dell's previous generation of explosion models U2414H, is characterized by ultra-narrow side, suitable for horizontal screen triple screen, as for the vertical screen please buy U2417H (optimized the bottom width is more suitable for vertical screen multi-screen)

This bracket is a song of the explosion models D5 I am the basic models, to be honest, although the metal is used in many parts of the metal is relatively good, but I do not like the damping, the other arm angle of 180 degrees only 200 price, the use of materials is indeed Is worth

The NB F80 on the left screen, this bracket looks very plastic, just like the car is a plastic wrap, but the trial feels great, more than music, damping is very soft, and the jib rotates nearly 270 degrees can be more wall to have more Multi-position, measured 24 inch screen hanging no head phenomenon, worth buying, cost-effective Taobao generally 139 Jingdong slightly more expensive but there are a lot of special 99 time, you can take a look at the record on Aunt Zhang:

The left side of the table is the amp XU-3 from a retired engineer. It belongs to a DIY product. I wouldn't recommend it to you. I can't hear it from the fungus, but the tube is like a warm one. This amp comes with USB. Sound card (general quality), the most convenient is to switch the input source and output source, I use him as a tool to switch mobile computers, in addition to switching headphones and audio is also very convenient one-touch dial. The front is the headphone output:

The bottom of the tube is blue, and when the tube is working, it emits an orange glow. It looks very good at night.

Lotus mouth from the sound card, 3.5mm audio, there is a set of 3.5 linear input next to the audio plug,

The headphones are from Sennheiser's IE80, and the magical stuff is still worse than the Rambler's box. Maybe it's my box is too LOW. (I'm not good at changing quality.)

The sound used by the Rambler, I can not remember the model, 6 years is not bad, give me a reason to change the box okay?

Subwoofer unit, watching movies or 2.1 with a sense of low-frequency strong feeling very much, what's the explosion

Next to the amp is GUNDAM! I am a machine fan This is Bandai HG, practicing hand playing, when the university bought the antenna now turned out to become bald, and strange, flash-F-Cheong Ying's double boiler car, honestly speaking seven generations of no use Sword is handsome, at the foot of the Mi's router mill mini route, cheap 5G channel solution, I usually use airplay to cast screen 2.4G instability is more rampant, home 5G equipment is also quite a lot, so decisively changed the TP into the millet

Aunt Zhang recommended eye drops for the first time. She hadn’t stayed in HOLD for the first time. Her mother was so cool that you could just as easily understand the same as Feng Jing You. You can quickly relieve eye fatigue. Cover design plug-in - pull type is very convenient

The toothpicks are highly recommendable. The Taiwanese brand Nysenkling, a flat plastic toothpick, can be used as long as you don't feel disgusted. It won't be as filthy as a wooden toothpick. Break:

A wooden mobile phone bracket Taobao up search it, can not remember a few dollars, I like this is a red rosewood, can not remember, there is oak or something

Two angles, different degrees of inclination

On the left side of the monitor, an enhanced version of the millet box from Mijia was added to watch the live broadcast of the Olympics, watching TV, and watching television live broadcasts. The villain was the seed hero and heroine, Kira (fiancee wife killer), and Lacus ( It looks like a pure mind.) The box uses active cooling (the egg is still very hot). I personally prefer this square shape. What can you put on a cobblestone?

The interface is relatively slim, a power hole, HDMI USB and USB output no sound, so connect the monitor or use HDMI sound, or USB sound card, I chose the latter

Hand to enlarge, Tamron 35mm with macro addition, really like

Somatosensory remote control, and the game is not comparable, just play it just fine, support voice search video, recognition rate accurate to my surprise, indeed using a TV remote control typing is very painful so the voice is really very practical.

From Bandai’s Strike Free MG, honestly speaking, the bracket is not suitable for being placed on the table, please use hands to buy PG or HG.

Honestly worked hard for seven hours. I had planned to do it well. I was too lazy to repair the patience.

Bandai is also inevitably plastic, still have to spray paint

Beam Sword, not happy to buy a floating gun support so I'm not happy to dismantle the floats

The mouse comes from Razer's house, Naga Eternal Phantom, feels superb, fits perfectly, and uses wireless from the cable, hopefully not to make big changes later, so don't change it to look like straight lines. Battery power is only enough for more than a day, and it's more junk, but the gaming mouse is just like that.

The mainboard does not support USB power off, you can only add a USB HUB external power supply, so that you can shut down and sleep can be a mouse on the charge, in order to ensure the second day of life,

The cable behind the desk uses a cable management pipe.

The keyboard uses Nopp's Lolita 87, red tea axis, favorite tea axis, feel unmatched

Capacitance wheat, impulse consumption, bought for the live broadcast, but the cost has not been recovered, now keep playing and singing

, entry-level condenser mic, honestly speaking and iPhone microphone is not much difference, it is recommended to buy second-hand, high hedge rate, a bunch of gas anchor is out.

Dell's plug-in AC511, built-in USB sound card drive-free, I plug in the millet box to watch television use, so that the computer audio and audio are not affected by each other, the sound bar hung under the display is very space-saving, there are requirements on the monitor model, The advantage is that it is space-saving and very economical.

Volume knob, stepless, no scale, no damping, garbage feel super bad, but the volume support software control, generally not use him.

Headphone jack and linear input, it is worth mentioning that if you only use the USB port to supply linear input, you can not speak out, ç…ž pen design, which means that he can not be used as a regular mobile audio, USB must have signal input

Brand name, 2.5wx2 output power destined to stand by the sound quality, listen to a ring, slightly stronger than the notebook

Inverted hole design symmetrical, both sides.

Finally look at the chassis, do their own RGB lights, industrial controllers used in lighting controllers, various settings to adjust, remote control, graphics on the previous generation 780, I currently have enough, the sound card is the rhythm tank serenade PCIE, the power cord itself Produced, later found that the material plus tools are better to buy, but do a good length of their own control

Virgo Line

The original IO lines of the chassis are all back package snakeskin net

Motherboard, yellow spray white, EATX motherboard, full tower chassis want to cover only this type of board, this board material anti-day, BIOS shit

Finally fulfilled the promise. Procrastination is terribly terrible. I have to work hard to overcome it. This time I mainly introduce the desktop and take a look at the flowers. There is no detailed introduction of everything and everyone looks like it is worth buying. I'm on the link. , I hope we can help you buy what you like, discounts are more, the most important value

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