Filco Filko Red Custom Mechanical Keyboard Unpacking

Write in front

Do not know why, in the Aunt Zhang has not seen FIlco's custom drying list, is it because it is not worth it, so the vast number of friends did not buy it. As soon as the custom-designed pattern is red today, it's time to put a box sticker.

The first batch of red designs were booked in September last year. Hesitated for a moment and was robbed of light until it was booked in July this year. Well, that's it. The more things that cannot be bought, the stronger the desire to buy them. A whole year later, when the exchange rate rose, it also increased the price by 200 yuan. It was really worthless.

The Tmall flagship store purchased by Filco China agent, red, side engraved, dual mode, 1699.

The above is the official website of the red introduction. Hand-painted ink paint, sprinkled with gold powder, also led to the unique style of each keyboard. I fell in love with this style of ink painting. Before I opened the package, I never knew what the keyboard looks like.

There are not many words, on the map.


SF morning, packaging is awesome, express delivery is also awesome.

Open the outer carton, which is a box of foam wrapped around the main body with two or three layers, and a yellow flower-filled bag.

Body box, Ninja 2 generation, dual mode, MX cherry shaft.

Finally got out of the box, so excited! ! ! ! ! !

Out of the box, the battery is followed by the battery, warranty card, flannel, instructions.

Send a gold foil keyboard, a wire puller, 3 spare keycaps.

Compared with the cold XT in the office, the mold is the same, and the factory is the same. But I have to say that the original price is better than the half price, and the keycap feels more comfortable.

All of them were shot in the office with a mobile phone. They couldn't take too much poison. Please forgive me.

Write last

State Bank or sea Amoy?

At present, Japan's official website is 22,800 yen for single-mode and 25,800 yen for dual-mode. Japan official website custom address: link

Spent flowers are 1599 and 1699. Calculated at the current exchange rate, or the State Bank cheap, after all, such a heavy thing, transshipment back, the freight is also quite expensive, not warranty.

Shaft selection

The cold XT of the office is the axis of the tea. This time, the pattern red is the red axis. With regard to the introduction of the axis body, there is already a lot of Aunt Zhang, so I will not go into details.

Why do you choose this? Mainly because the job is a code word, so choose to put a tea shaft in the office. But sometimes when you relax in an overtime play game, you always decide that the tea axis is not cool. It is not clear why it is the steel plate or the reason of the tea axis, so this time, the red color was chosen for the red pattern.

FIlco or Chreey or other?

Look at individuals. I bought it purely because of this red-painted shell. The shafts are all original and they are very good. And I have no special requirements for backlighting and reaction speed.

Value is not worth buying

Already bought peripherals, there is no value for money. If you are happy, buy and buy.

If you want to save your food, then do not buy it. Although the feel of the membrane keyboard is improved, there is no such difference between heaven and earth.

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