Asus ASUS STRIX-RX480-O8G-GAMING Raptor Game Graphics Tragedy Unpacking & Review

For the sake of saying "cup" finally say ....

One, by the primer:

Second, the graphics card out of the box:

Third, graphics light control and overclocking management software:

Fourth, the overclocking performance is measured briefly:

Five, cups occur .... disassemble detail photo:

Sixth, summary:

One, by the primer:

Let's talk about this card for the first time. The reason is that a buddy wants to upgrade to promise him a new machine and a low price to throw me a cool 150 motherboard:

So even though this is an introduction to a prodigal, if you look at the cool lighting effect and ITX's small size, you're still reluctant to enter the pit. At that time, it was less than a year since I last saw the machine that was installed by my mother. It was this machine that made my cool DIY thoughts soar again.

The CPU did not say that the 1231V5 is no longer supported by the inevitable 6700K, after all, B150I I think I will not use the long-term, does not support overclocking memory frequency support is also very low may be passed over with the I3 when the HTPC, CPU still have to Get a good one; the memory is just like a bar with a bargain price, but B150 doesn't support overclocking. Secondly, it's easy for the bar to be in conflict with the radiator. Third, even if the B150 is used for another purpose, I must have a memory allocation. The last RM3 I use is still very comfortable and then select it an ITX Well; this motherboard supports M.2 NVME so have to use good things for block; and the graphics card found last week found when Raptor RX480 pre-sale, lamp The effect and the motherboard are extremely collocation, so after giving your own graphics card, motherboard, U, memory to find a good colleague, order this:

The graphics card took hold of the post on Friday, and quickly came to Aunt Zhang to try to grab the first sun... The result was an unexpected accident.... Delayed time, but added detailed disassembly, full content:

Second, the graphics card out of the box:

Packaging is very large, long time no used 30CM video card .... STRIX cool lighting effect is very prominent on the front of the package:

The back of the box shows some features behind the analysis, ASUS Raptor series provides a three-year warranty praise:

Box Details, Front Lower VR Eye-catching, Support HDR and DX12, 14nm Process:

AURA, Raptor Light Effect Card:

On the front left corner, how can ROG beliefs be less?

Side 1:

Side 2:

Out of the box, what? There is also a layer of packaging:

This pure black box embellished with red and white, ROG color STRIX:

Officially out of the box, hey, there is another box? @@

The original is only a thin accessory box, but the small box texture is also good, there is relief printing ASUS, IN SEARCH OF INCREDIBLE, Asustek in recent years a new slogan, how should it be translated? "In search of incomparable"?

All accessories for accessory box:

Here is another layer of foam protection, the following is the graphics card:

Demune handsome appearance, three fans:

On the back, the big evil eye of the evil eye of ROG:

Slots closeup:

A close-up of the evil eye:

Non-public mandatory reinforced backplane, except for ASUS STRIX:


There are also ROG faith lights here:

Thermal fins close-up:

Interface overview, dual HDMI, dual DP, DVI, extremely complete:

Compared to the public version of the apparently enhanced power supply, a single 8PIN has been able to provide maximum 150W power supply, plus the 75W of the PCI-E is very rich for the RX480, and the public version of the 6PIN 75W+PCIE 75W design is somewhat inadequate:

Compared with the Dylan R9 380 4G installed before the double 11 last year:

It's still a lot longer. It's not just an sensation. I haven't used such a long graphics card for years.

In the eyes of the old machine lighted on the prodigal, Qiao Sibo RM3 is exactly right, but I need to adjust the original SSD + 3.5 inch on the right, 3.5-inch hard drive can only be installed to the above, and then SSD moves to the following power installation location:

Third, system information and ASUS lamp efficiency, overclocking software:

1, the first driver installed is not a new version but comes with 16.20, the default core 1330MHz, memory frequency 2000MHz GDDR5 equivalent 8000Mhz:

2, the default lamp control mode is red breathing light mode:

Lighting effects of several modes, 1, always bright, optional color:


Lighting mode 2, breathing light, optional color:


Flashing mode, optional color:


Cycle mode, no color selection:


The loop color mode also provides two kinds of customizable effects, one is displayed with the music played, you can see the effect, but I think it is not too much use:

The second is very useful, is to display different colors according to GPU temperature, from green to yellow, orange, red, you can see the temperature of the lamp

3, powerful and easy-to-use ASUS GPU Tweak II software:

The left status monitor provides a lot of information:

Ordinary player one-click optimization operating environment features:

Three software usage modes: Overclock mode, Game mode, and Silent mode (In addition, users can customize and add multiple modes):

Differences in parameter settings such as frequency and voltage in three preset modes:

The user-customized mode is also mainly to set these several parameters, in which the core frequency and the GPU voltage are automatically linked by default, eliminating the need for the user to set excessively high frequencies while the excessively low voltage may cause instability, and the maximum limit of the GPU voltage is also safe at 1.3V. The fan speed can be customized curve, but it is more convenient and quicker than the AMD driver, and it is concise. This non-public video card can increase the target power consumption to 30%-50% by overpowering the power supply and heat dissipation. This maintains the GPU operating at high frequencies in the temperature-safe range, eliminating abnormal fluctuations in the frame rate due to down-conversion.

Look at the software settings section:

Four, run a minute, XEON 1231V3 and older drivers will be slightly lower:

The default frequency is 1330:

Overclocking core 1.5G (1.3V), memory running around 8250Mhz:

Core 1.5G graphics card has significantly improved, and the figure shows the Raptor non-public DirectCU III heat pipe touch the three fans to suppress the temperature is quite good, the fan high speed when the full temperature is over 70 degrees, the performance compared to the default setting is about 17 The improvement of % not only far exceeds the performance of the public version of the RX480, but it also exceeds the frequency of the GTX1060+6700K that has a predominantly dominant frequency under the XEON (of course, the 1060 can also be smaller in some extent).

Fifth, the cup occurs, with a detailed disassemble photo:

Because only the graphics card and CPU were the first to arrive, I tested the video card on the old machine, and the next day when I was planning to install the new driver test under the new driver effect and the new 3DMARK DX12 test and game test... ..

Bear children come

He said that the heat is going to blow the hair... I was close to the RM3 chassis where I opened the side panel, and I knocked down a flask next to it (fortunately, wood and water). . .

Just listen to a while

Then I found that the last fan had broken two blades

Fortunately, the child was not injured. Fortunately, this story tells us that DIY should keep the computer away from bear children.....

Manufacturers can not guarantee the quality of man-made physical damage to die, although the ASUS radiator in the low-speed seemingly less two blades have no effect, but in view of the high speed of safety and stability, I still disable the goods for the first Back to the old video card, and then find the next Taobao results found that there are similar fans, but have to be sure to start buying if it can not be used? So it's inevitable that the dismantling will happen, or it will be completely dismantled:

1. Remove a few screws and remove the outer hood:

2. A close-up of a disabled fan with two blades broken and broken:

3. The front two fans also have wiring and the wiring harness is effectively fixed:

4, the back of the back plate has a screw with a fragile paste, can not be destroyed after heating loss, regardless of the direct demolition, anyway, so many years I do not seem to have bad graphics card:

5, the rest is a variety of screwing screw, all the screws down, rows of seats to eat fruit:

6, family portrait:

7, three sets of fans:

8, actually the specifications are not the same, the two are 0.4A, the middle is 0.25A, I want to change is this white, determined like, big Taobao really exactly the same package and monomer to sell:

9, the fan cover up and down with LED lights:

10, radiators look more than the public version of the force, similar to the radiator also looks like for the GTX1070/1080:

11, the back, the right side of a yellow thermal plastic at the same time take care of the power supply, 6 heat pipe large area fins:

12, the back of the test, the right side of the eye can see the home:

13. The reinforcement frame that fastens the backplane and the interface slot is connected with the front, and the heat dissipation of the flash memory chip is also taken into account with the gray thermal paste. However, the narrow coverage on the left side is not complete. Of course, GDDR5 memory is not a large heat generator and is mainly

14, the core area:

15, in order to enhance the cooling effect, the chip has been polished, can not shoot the characters:

16, Samsung 1G DDR5 memory particles, a total of 8:

17,7+1 enhanced power supply, as a RX480 such a mid-range graphics card full of materials:

18, power supply slot 8PIN part:

19, DIGI + VRM digital power supply, here to note that in addition to preset cooling and LED power, the right side also left two more 4PIN fan jacks, which can be added to the chassis fan and other GPU temperature control to enhance heat dissipation, ITX generally can not be used, But this is quite useful and easy to use for larger 3+ fans:

20, power supply part close-up:

21, interface direction:

22, back view, compared to the public version of the small version, this visually full more:

23, the back of the left side of this place is inserted into the back of the ROG defeated the eyes of the belief lamp:

24, back left upper power jack also has led light power and running status:

Sixth, summary:

Performance: Although the test was accidentally suspended, but basically RX470/480 and GTX1060 deal with the vast majority of games 1080P full height effects no pears, 2560 resolution is also sufficient to meet most games, but to 4K and VR, these several Should include the GTX1070 are still powerless, need this level more than card crossfire orSLI even more than GTX1080.

Disadvantages: RX480 is not cost-effective at present, last year's dual 11 before the GTX960 4G graphics card most activities in the price of 1399-1499, and R9 380 4G do 1199-1299, there is a certain cost-effective, but the generation of graphics cards out of farming companies or late, RX480 with the first out of the GTX1060 prices are basically in the same range, the ordinary version in 1999, to strengthen the heat of the big brand expensive 200-500, but the public version of the default frequency is currently driven by the GTX1060 synthesis down a bit more powerful, and power consumption Lower, cost-effective GTX1060 is better, if there is no preference of users tend to choose more N card, A card compared to the RX470's price is actually higher than the RX480g, personal choice RX480 on the one hand is a persistent on the big memory On the other hand, the ROG effect card and the wood are given to the RX470, otherwise the individual may choose the light version of the RX470.

Advantages: ASUS this Raptor compared to the public version of the RX480 cooling and quiet effect is quite good, the default core 1330Mzh under no pear, in the general game neither high temperature nor high noise, to strengthen the power supply maximum 225W also ensures that will not burst single 6PIN+PCI-E 150W power consumption, but also to protect the overclocking core to 1.5G; and more important is the cool practical (with temperature discoloration) ROG lighting effect and compared to the official driver is very intuitive and easy to use overclocking Software, plus the new listing Taobao price can do 2399 is actually not much more expensive than the public version of the RX480, than the previous pricing conscience.

Price: Raptor 480 is lower than the Raptor 1060 1, 200, and as the A card RX480 and GTX1060 prices are almost exactly the same does not meet the principle of misplacement, personal feel no problem in production capacity within a short time RX470 4G should be transferred to 1499, public Edition RX480 to 1799, non-public enhanced heat dissipation to 1999-2199 range

The landlord has already set a fan for Taobao today. After getting a replacement, he will evaluate the new 3Dmark DX12 and VR and the popular 3D game performance and limit power consumption, temperature, noise, etc. in the new drive. The cup has taken place. Don't give up and give up

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