Nuts Smart Cinema X Suning 818, HD projector limited spike waiting for you to grab!

As a leader in intelligent cinema, NutSmart Cinema has always been at the forefront of the industry, whether it is home theater products G1, G1S, mobile theater products P1, P2, or X1 and S1 laser TVs that have recently shocked the micro-projection industry. All of them lead the rapid progress of smart home theaters, and the smart home theater has been promoted to a cinema-level viewing experience. Today, it is no longer a dream to enjoy large movies without leaving home.

Recently Suning Tesco 818 large-scale promotional activities are in progress, nuts smart theater variety of product prices, the lowest price of 600 yuan, but also a limited amount of spike, spree delivery and other low-cost promotions!

From August 18 to August 20, consumers who participate in big promotions will have the opportunity to receive the following gifts:

1, 1080P real high-definition nuts X1, the price of 4799 yuan, the first 50 orders to send 478 yuan gift package

2, G1 series down 600 yuan

3, G1pro 2499 yuan spike

4, G1 Panda Edition 2499 yuan spike

5, the audience full of 1999 yuan, minus 100, 3 days

6,. Send a single value of 179 yuan 3D glasses

There are friends who are going to get into the Nuts Smart Cinema product. Currently it is a very suitable opportunity. Don't miss it! (Direct link)

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