Is the sound absorption or diffusion of the first reflection zone in the home theater?

[Home Theater Network] Among home theater players, this is a very controversial issue - the first reflection area of ​​the home theater video room is sound absorption or diffusion, we must first understand two issues before talking about this problem:

What is the "first reflection zone"?

Is the sound absorption or diffusion of the first reflection zone in the home theater?

Where is the “first reflection zone”, how to find it?

There are many ways to find the first reflection point. You can use the mirror reflection method or the geometric drawing method (from the listening position to the speaker to draw an isosceles triangle, this point is the first reflection point of the wall, or you can Place the wall on the mirror and move to the position where you can see the speaker, which is the first reflection point). But not necessarily so precise, considering the expansion of the emperor, you always have to deal with a region, not just a single point.

It should be noted that the room has not only the first reflective area on the side wall, but also the first reflective area on the four walls of the room (except the front and rear walls). Most of the fans believe that the first reflective area behind the two side walls and the top surface should be sound absorbing. Treatment, the back wall should be diffused, and another small group believes that the first reflection zone should spread.

So which one is correct, is the sound absorption in the first reflection zone still spreading?

There are three main aspects that affect the sound quality of the listening room: standing wave, reverberation time, and interference of sound (interference between reflected sound and direct sound).

The treatment of the first reflection zone is to reduce the influence of interference and make the frequency response flatter. From this point of view, the effect of suction or expansion is the same, the former reduces the reflected sound, and the latter makes the regular reflection become diffuse reflection to all aspects, which are conditions for destroying the reflection, thereby reducing the influence of interference. However, the diffuser does not have any sound absorbing function and does not have any effect on the reverberation time. The use of the sound absorbing panel can shorten the reverberation time. The larger the sound absorption area, the shorter the reverberation time. Therefore, it is better to absorb than to expand.

From the reverberation time, balancing the reverberation time at low, medium, and frequency is more important than blindly shortening the average reverberation time. For example, the standing wave is very strong, and your low frequency reverberation time will be very long. At this time, shortening the mid-high frequency reverberation time will make the sound feel boring. Therefore, whether the listening room is sucked or expanded is determined by how the low frequency is processed. If you can't shorten the low frequency reverberation time, use the expansion. If you can handle the low frequency, of course, use sound absorption. This is the principle of choice.

Is the sound absorption or diffusion of the first reflection zone in the home theater?

Of course, this is for the entire listening room processing, specifically to the first reflective area, as long as the area of ​​sound absorption is controlled, it will not have a great influence on the reverberation time, so it will not make the sound dry. .

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