The beautiful M-BOX preempts the evaluation, the sofa butler helps M-BOX to expand the box application!

Recently, official sources said that the US box M-BOX will be released shortly after the release, followed by a small series with the sofa to see some of the performance of the US box.
First, appearance

Cylindrical appearance is rare on the box, its characteristics are similar to Huawei Cube, and the cylindrical design is more beautiful? That is a matter of opinion, and the same with the Tsinghua Tongfang cloud tank is also very similar.

Second, the functional characteristics: intelligent routing + network TV box, super experience combo

According to a product development engineer, the beauty box is different from the conventional smart routing and TV box in the market. It integrates all the functions of an intelligent router and a network TV box. On the one hand, it can be used as a home network management exit. It can support all smart devices in the home. The network connection, that is to say, all the devices that need to be networked in the home can access the network through it; on the other hand, as an Internet TV box, it can be seen at home, popular variety shows, sports events, international Large-scale, less-advertising, and zero-pressure dramas make the experience more exciting.

Third, the system introduced: equipped with the United States family cloud management system, smart experience in one step

It is reported that Midea’s box has a built-in M-Smart family cloud intelligence management system. It can connect all smart home appliances and realize the interconnection between household appliances. Through it, it can also identify and manage all beautiful home appliances in the home, and it can also be used as a beauty intelligence. Home appliances in the home of a small server, to achieve the scientific management of home appliances operation, for example, in the morning when the owner gets up, it will automatically open the home curtains, and inform the owner of indoor and outdoor weather conditions, and start the breakfast mode, command the kitchen appliance work, prepare for the owner Breakfast; in the evening, when the owner is at rest, it can also monitor the change of the owner's environment. When the temperature is too low, it will intelligently adjust the operation status of the air conditioners, fans and other equipment in the room to provide the most suitable environment for the owner. It will become a family life partner who understands you more and has a wealth of smart home experiences that are easily available.

Four: Software Resources

The beautiful M-BOX box can be used to expand the application of the box by installing a sofa housekeeper. The sofa housekeeper collects nearly a thousand models of applications and games, all of which are TV-dedicated versions of the application; not many applications are used, and each application is meticulous for you. recommend.

Five: Dismantling the interior: dual-channel Wi-Fi, enjoy 5GHz Wi-Fi high speed network

Midea's box adopts dual transceiver antenna design, all-round, no dead angle receiving, double the design performance of ordinary single-wire receiving, the latest 802.11ac WiFi protocol standard, supports 2.4GHz/5GHz dual-band WiFi, can quickly transfer large-flow network video, more High-quality online high-definition video, watch online video as smooth as watching cable TV, download faster, run faster and more stable, enjoy a high-speed and stable experience.

Finally: It is understood that the functions of the U.S. box are far more than these. What will be the market price of the U.S. box with such a powerful function? There is no more precise information yet. The follow-up will continue to deepen and bring more beauty to everyone. Box product, price, and other related information.

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