Lianshuo teamed up with SANYU in Japan to challenge traditional packaging technology

[Text|High-tech LED reporter Luo Shenghua] At present, China has become the world's largest LED Indoor Lighting production base. More than 75% of the world's LED indoor lighting products are produced in mainland China, and the domestic LED packaging market has huge space.

In order to compete for the cake in the domestic packaging market, foreign companies have chosen to cooperate with local companies to maximize market share.

Recently, Shenzhen Lianshuo Automation Technology Co., Ltd. announced that it will cooperate with Japan SANYU REC Co., Ltd., and Lianshuo will obtain the product trademark of SANYU on the patented technology of vacuum printing and packaging and the right to use technology in mainland China and Taiwan.

Founded in 1963, SANYU includes four divisions of electronic materials, semiconductors, LED lighting business units and construction materials, with an annual production capacity of 20,000 tons of various types of packaging materials.

“The cooperation between SANYU and Lianshuo is mainly mutually beneficial. SANYU has the advantage of technology, and Lianshuo’s cost manufacturing in China and its rich industrial automation capability will make this technology well digested.” SANYU Dr. Gao Gongxu, project leader of the LED Lighting Division, said at the authorization meeting.

Gao Gongxu introduced that the vacuum printing and packaging system is mainly based on the LED 3C concept previously proposed by the company. The LED 3C concept mainly includes three concepts of COB, COG and CSB. Compared with traditional in-line or even chip-type components, the LED 3C concept is more inclined to modules and will be effectively improved in production efficiency.

“COB will be widely used in commercial lighting and special lighting. COG will tend to be general lighting. CSB is the basic component of light source and will be suitable for all lighting.” Gao Gongxu explained.

It is understood that the vacuum packaging printing machine launched by SANYU on the basis of the traditional printing machine structure, the printing platform and the overall structure are modified, suitable for the packaging of transparent plastic, compared with the traditional dispensing package, More than 10 times the production efficiency.

At the same time, the packaging process is in a vacuum environment, which helps to eliminate the effect of bubbles, which is beneficial to reduce transportation costs and reduce material waste. "Especially in terms of the structure of the LED, the constraints are very small." Gao Gongxu said.

Since 2014, with the rapid increase in demand in the LED lighting market, the product lines of major packaging companies have been overloaded, and even unable to meet the needs of downstream application companies. The launch of the lighting market has also driven the market demand for accessories such as glue, and the LED glue market is also expanding.

“As the largest production and consumer market for LED lighting in China, SANYU cannot be absent from the market if it wants to gain a large market share in the glue market. The Chinese mainland market is crucial to the development of SANYU.” An industry insider familiar with the Chinese packaging market said.

"With the advancement of LED packaging technology, the requirements of the packaging factory for the glue supplier are also constantly improving. The glue enterprises that can provide comprehensive solutions will undoubtedly have a large advantage in the market competition." The industry believes.

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