Munich Electronics Show: Internet of Things and Automotive Electronics continue to explode

The Munich Shanghai Electronics Show is based on a variety of key electronic components, from components to systems, applications to services, covering the entire industry chain of electronic information. Themed exhibitions on semiconductors, embedded systems, displays, micro/nano and sensing technologies, automotive electronics and testing, passive components, switches and connectors, power supplies, integrated circuits, test and measurement, printed circuit boards and electronics manufacturing services , fully display the most advanced products and technologies in the electronics field. In this exhibition, the electronic components industry is a gathering of the UK. Muram Semiconductor, Toshiba Semiconductor, STMicroelectronics, Renesas Semiconductor, Infineon Technologies and Freescale Semiconductor among the top 20 semiconductor companies in the world, and Murata, TDK, Taiyo Yuden, AVX among the top 10 passive component companies in the world. Panasonic, Guimigong and Guojiao will all be staged in this exhibition to present an annual industry feast for the booming Chinese electronic components industry.

Helping smart life and adapting to the trend of the Internet of Things

The Internet of Things is regarded as the “NextBigThing” of the semiconductor industry. It is predicted that the output value of IoT-related chips will reach a compound annual growth rate of 22.3% between 2013 and 2018. 2015 Munich Shanghai Electronics Fair has gathered a group of international leading chip and electronic components manufacturers, most of which have been involved in the field of Internet of Things as a world-renowned semiconductor and storage company, Toshiba will launch the world's first mass production at this exhibition. 15nm process NAND flash memory and its semiconductor and storage services can be widely used in smart phones, wireless connectivity, surveillance cameras, image sensing and wearable devices.

Munich Electronics Show: Internet of Things and Automotive Electronics continue to explode

Fesso Semiconductor, the global leader in IoT system chip technology, will bring a new generation of HMI microprocessor demonstration systems, speech recognition systems, variable frequency control solutions and low-power microprocessor applications, both in the mature home appliance market and in the future. The connected market is highly competitive. The layout of the IoT-related products of Bosch and STMicroelectronics, two major manufacturers in the field of MEMS sensors, will also be reflected in this exhibition. The MEMS application will accelerate from mobile communication to wearable devices and the Internet of Things.

Automotive electronics innovation, changing the face of the car

With the development of lightweight, intelligent and electrified vehicles, the global automotive electronics industry has ushered in a golden period of development. Modern automotive electronics integrates electronic technology, automotive technology, information technology, computer technology and network technology. More and more ECU control units and vehicle-mounted appliances are used in automobiles. The innovation of automotive electronics technology will change the face of the entire car. It is predicted that China's auto electronics market will grow at a rate of 13.02% in 2015, and the market size is expected to exceed 400 billion yuan.

This year's Shanghai Electronics Show in Munich brought together the world's leading companies in automotive electronics and more than 100 manufacturers in the automotive electronics field as well as auto parts suppliers. Innovative thinking to produce electrical and electronic components for the global market, Solite Electronics will introduce comprehensive solutions covering circuit protection, connectors, EMC products, switches and input systems, electronic manufacturing services and supporting equipment for new energy vehicles.

The 2015 Munich Shanghai Electronics Show will be held until the next day. A visit was made to the Panasonic exhibition area of ​​the E4 building. This Panasonic booth has set up six sections of “China Design”, “Automotive Electronics”, “Mobile Terminal”, “Smart Terminal”, “Energy Management”, “Security Equipment and ECU Miniaturization Application”. It is mentioned that most of the products on display are designed by Panasonic engineers in China.

Munich Electronics Show: Internet of Things and Automotive Electronics continue to explode

Among the many exhibitions, I was very impressed with the “Face Recognition Intelligent System” in the exhibition area. The face recognition system takes the face recognition technology as the core, and uses computer image processing technology to extract portrait feature points and analyze and model according to the principle of biostatistics. The product has the characteristics of small modeling space, fast recognition processing speed and fast matching speed. The system can be used for face recognition access management system, face recognition monitoring system, face recognition public security crime pursuit intelligent alarm system and the like.

Munich Electronics Show: Internet of Things and Automotive Electronics continue to explode

In the “China Design” area at the entrance, Panasonic demonstrated the solar power supply – an independent monitoring system consisting of solar power, video surveillance, system operation and maintenance and wireless transmission. On the basis of the traditional advantages of similar products, it also features high quality, high energy efficiency, low power, long life, and 24-hour monitoring of equipment operation status. The device uses solar panels to collect sunlight during the day and converts the collected energy into electrical energy for storage in a lithium battery. At night, the camera can monitor the stored energy.

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