How to choose a good small pitch display

In recent years, small-pitch display has entered a period of growth and development. Small-pitch applications have been booming in the market. Looking back at the history of small-pitch development, Everlight Electronics has developed the world's smallest 1.0x1.0mm RGB LED package since 2009. In the past five years, Everlight Electronics has introduced revolutionary products ranging in size from 1010, 0808 to 0505 RGB LED package products. Leading the market for application development from P2.5, P1.9, P1.6, P1.2, P1, to the latest P0.7~0.8 micro-pitch display technology, the reason why Everlight can assist its customers in the market Being in a leading position, with the exception of deep packaging technology, is a commitment to quality.

Looking back at the original display environment, due to the high isomorphism of the indoor and outdoor product technologies on the display P6 and above, the competitive environment is harsh, resulting in many manufacturers sacrificing quality and using a low-quality 3528 package. This package is available on the market. The public model, in order to use iron at low prices, the chips used are purchased at a low price, and the requirements for fragmentation, antistatic and reverse current are not high, plus copper wire is used, and even aluminum wire is used. The packaging method, copper wire (hardness) or aluminum wire, easy to oxidize, poor bonding, easy to break due to long-term thermal expansion and contraction of the colloid, resulting in lack of light, although the cost is low but the life is short, operating conditions There are many restrictions on the use environment, which has led to serious quality door incidents in the LED market in the display market in the past few years, and even a number of manufacturers jointly claim for compensation, which makes the harsh environment of the display enter a more In the vicious circle of darkness.

In view of this, in the initial stage of developing small-pitch products, Yiguang has clearly defined the concept of small-pitch products and traditional display screens. Small-pitch products are basically the concept of high-density displays, because the number of uses per square meter is very high. The logic of the traditional display screen is not applicable, so the quality requirements are more severe several times. In the choice of materials, Yiguang insists on using gold-plated materials, and the chips are fragmented for incoming materials. The ability to resist reverse current physique and ESD must be rigorously screened, coupled with sophisticated packaging machines and technology to enable LED packages to achieve synergy and achieve true high quality.

In the past two years, due to the successful expansion of small-pitch display screens, many manufacturers who originally produced low-quality 3528 have also begun to invest in this market, launching 2020 or 2121 male mold packages of low-cost iron copper wire, and lowering P2.5 products. Price-based sales, coupled with a number of technically unskilled display manufacturers barely wiring small-pitch products, regardless of production yield and low-cost market, but it is worth noting that even if the home is low quality 2020 or 2121 Package, but the price is not low, so most of the small pitch products are more expensive than traditional screens, so it may lead to the purchase of small pitch products, but the use of low-quality LED package, short life The chance of bad points is high, the maintenance is difficult, and the maintenance cost afterwards is much higher than that of the traditional display screen. Therefore, reminding consumers to choose small-pitch products, in addition to the price, the most important thing is to understand the division’s Display manufacturing technology and the package used, in order to truly buy high-priced, affordable products.

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