The two imported solar energy devices let you travel where you have electricity

Tencent Digital (Zhou Shuo) On November 21st, JD’s “Global Choice” project promotion recommended the US-based RENOGY to land in China. As the star brand in the first batch of globally-selected cooperation cases, US-based RENOGY has also launched two solar energy products that can help users improve their outdoor power consumption experience.

In recent years, a large number of foreign innovation companies have emerged, and more and more brand owners value the Chinese market. However, these companies have difficulties in entering the Chinese market. For this reason, Jingdong promoted the "global intelligence" platform.

The US molten silicon RENOGY, which landed in China through the "Jingdong Smart Choice", brought two star products: EFLEX solar charger and PHOENIX Firebird all-in-one mobile solar power supply system. EFLEX solar charger is a high-efficiency monocrystalline silicon solar battery that can automatically adjust the USB charging, waterproof durable coating, self-locking easy to carry; PHOENIX Firebird is an all-in-one mobile solar power supply system for mobile The device is charged anywhere, anytime.

It is reported that the global intelligence platform not only undertakes customs clearance, international/domestic logistics services, but also provides 60 days of free warehouse storage in Hong Kong. The emergence of’s global intelligence is the use of resources of and its partners to integrate advantages in platform, channel and brand communication, and build a comprehensive marketing service platform to fully assist domestic and international smart creators to provide access to the Chinese market. Therefore, we can almost foresee that at this moment in time or even in the future, Jingdong’s global intelligence will become a very important and convenient way for foreign entrepreneurial products to enter the Chinese market. Chinese consumers will also have more opportunities to find more excellent products abroad on this platform. As a partner of, Tencent Digital will occasionally report on these external innovative products for evaluation, so stay tuned.

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