Zhaochi shares are expected to put into mass production of LED products in April

“The first batch of LED lighting products of Zhaochi Energy-saving Lighting is expected to produce samples before the Spring Festival, and strive to conduct trial production from the end of February to mid-March, and officially enter mass production in April. At present, our LED lighting products are first applied in the home. Lighting bulbs, T-tubes and panel lights are in line with the current industry's mature and mainstream lighting products. At the same time, our applications in medium- and high-power packaging and TV backlighting are also in the midst of preparation." Zhao Guodong, the new project preparation team of Zhaochi, told Gaogong LED reporter.

On December 15, Zhaochi announced that the company plans to invest 200 million yuan to set up a wholly-owned subsidiary to develop, produce and sell LEDs for LED TV backlights, as well as medium and high power LED lighting devices and various LED lighting products.

According to the company's forecast, the construction period of the project is two years. After the project is completed, the light-emitting devices used in LED TV backlights and other energy-saving lighting devices will be used for 3 billion/year, and LED energy-saving lighting production capacity will be 0.5 million (sets)/ The annual production capacity. After the project is put into production (from the third year onwards), the annual average operating income will be 1.39 billion yuan, and the average annual net profit will be 143 million yuan.

"From the perspective of business distribution, Zhaochi hopes to achieve balanced development of backlight, packaging and lighting in the LED industry." Zhao Guodong said, "The backlight is compatible with the stable development of the TV business of Zhaochi; Adhering to the rapid and efficient business operation efficiency of Zhaochi to develop a new OEM/ODM market; as for packaging, it is based on the future strategy of the industry, and Zhaochi hopes to have a certain right to speak in the packaging process."

Zhao Guodong told reporters: "According to the announcement issued by the company, the energy-saving lighting team will stabilize the LED-related optoelectronic business according to specific strategic goals and directions, and gradually gain industry status with differentiated competitive advantages, as announced. In about 5 years, it is another bright spot in the capital market of Zhaochi."

The high-tech LED industry research institute believes that the domestic LED industry is extremely hot in 2010, but all enterprises with capital strength, including traditional lighting companies, listed companies, and even TV complete machines, are basically cut from upstream epitaxial chips. As a listed company, Zhaochi can choose to cut through the packaging process, which is objectively calm and conservative. Gaogong LED will continue to pay attention to its progress goals in the next stage.

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