Big Fudge Anti-Cheats Unveil the Gorgeous Lies of High-priced Home Appliances

Uncovering the gorgeous lie of high-priced home appliances

In the small home appliance market, which was originally known for its economic benefits, I don’t know when it’s pouring into a group of “high-priced” small household appliances. Are these “high price” products worthy of value or a virtual table?


Unveiling the gorgeous lies of small household appliances

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When you ask the store guides why the "high price" small appliances are "high price". The first answer will be: This is a well-known brand of XX, using the imported materials of XX countries (in short, in addition to not being produced in the country, any country may be the producer of this “imported material”).

Induction keyword 1: imported material

Secondly, we will comment on the new fashion appearance of this product: this is the latest touch-sensitive (touch-type) control panel/screen design. The appearance of the "high price" product is indeed more outstanding than the ordinary product appearance.

Induction keyword two: appearance fashion

Finally, the store guides will come up with product training, learn the unique killer to sell: such as this product is the introduction of advanced high-end technology in XX countries, using microcomputer control, intelligent and humanized design, Sino-foreign joint venture, etc. .

Induction keyword three: high-end technology microcomputer control automatic intelligent design Sino-foreign joint venture

Often consumers are inspired by these gorgeous modifiers, they will have a spirit of advocating authority, friends with weak will and budget are often confused by this marketing method, and finally buy a flashy product.

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