Four years after Wuhan East Lake is planned, the LED output value of the park will exceed 5 billion.

Known as “China Optics Valley” Wuhan East Lake New Technology Development Zone, after being approved as the semiconductor lighting industry base under the guidance of the second wave of policies, it plans to expand the LED industry scale to RMB 5 billion in 4 years and cultivate more than the output value. A billion-dollar LED enterprise group.

At the same time, in the second half of this year, the district will drive the lighting domestic demand market through large-scale event events, and plans to install 36,000 LED lamps within three years, mainly covering LED street lamps, parking lots and other municipal lighting fixtures, including 4,000 mph lamps.

The industry estimates that Boda wafers, which are currently producing LED substrate materials in the East Lake New Technology Development Zone; Huacan Optoelectronics and Diyuan Optoelectronics for epitaxy and chip; Yuanmao Optoelectronics for packaging and modules (Taiwan Dingyuan (2426) Investment) and Optics Valley Electronics; as well as application products, Nisshin Technology, Shengshi Hualong, etc. will benefit.

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