When is the annual price trend analysis of air conditioners cost-effective?

As the saying goes, "the water is rising," the metaphor is growing as the basis on which it is based increases. Air-conditioning products also follow this principle. It is understood that the price trend of air conditioners will be different in different quarters and times. At the same time, the price of products is affected by many factors such as raw materials and national policies. But for consumption

Yaxing`s high performance films are resistant to extreme temperature, chemicals&moisture. It was widely used in Chemical storage bags and Chemical resistant liners.

With our specialized equipment and processes we can provide tight tolerances and fast setup services to meet your needs.


·Excellent chemical stability

·Extremely low friction coefficient

·Good abrasion resistance

·Outstanding Moisture resistant

·Perfect anti-corrosion resistance



 PTFE Film


Non Stick Film

Release Film,Bonding Film,Ptfe Membrane,Non Stick Film

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