LED LCD TV market penetration rate will reach 50% this year

The latest data released by Aowei Consulting shows that LED TV has won the market because of its energy-saving, environmental protection and ultra-thin characteristics. In December 2010, the LED LCD TV market share has reached 36.9%. It is expected that in 2011, LED LCD TV will be Market penetration will reach 50%. The rapid rise in the market share of LEDs has caused the price of ordinary LCD TVs to drop sharply, and the price advantage of plasma products has ceased to exist.

In order to promote the development of the plasma market, the company has been hoping to use low prices for market share. The price of plasma TVs has always been lower than that of ordinary LCD TVs. However, when the reporter visited the store, he found that the price of LCD TV has no price gap with plasma. The store promoter told reporters that the plasma TV is not selling well now, and the price has no advantage. Consumers will naturally choose market recognition. High LCD TV.

Under this circumstance, the plasma market has shrunk again. According to the latest data from Zhongyikang, the plasma market share continues to fall, which has dropped from 5% at the beginning of last year to the current 3%.

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Silicone Cup Lids

Silicone Coffee Cup Lids,Silicone Sippy Cup Lids,Custom Silicone Cup Lids,Silicone Cup Lid,Cup Lid Silicone,Coffee Cup Lid Silicone

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