Spring health must know! Air conditioning room body water shortage 10 factors

Guide: Once the skin is short of water, it will smash it, have you found it? Water is the source of life and the vitality of the skin. Sometimes we are very busy, busy to forget to drink water, in fact, this time the skin has shouted, but you can't hear it. First, the mouth is dry The tongue is swollen The first signal of water shortage in the body is thirst. Dehydration

Solar Pump can be applied to daily use (Groundwater) .Agricultural irrigation,foersty ieeigation,desert control,pasture animal husbandry,water supplier for islands,waste water treatment engineering and so on ,solar techsolar pumping system is depends on energy storing devices,and stors water instead of electricity.It improve the device,and at the same time it lowers the construction and maintenance cost if the system dramatically in recentyears , with the promotion of the utilization of new energy resouces,solar pumping system are widely used in municial engineering , city centre squares, parks ,turist sites,resorts and hotels ,the landscapes and fountain system in the residen tial areas.Advantages of solar photovoltaic water pump system
Fully automatic operation without manual duty.Suitable pump types are wide, such as three - phase, single - phase, direct - current pump.The input voltage range is wide, and a variety of photovoltaic modules are available.Modular design for easy maintenance.Use imported components, safe and reliable.Remote control.

Solar Pump

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