Digital Lumens raises millions of dollars to illuminate LED companies

Digital Lumens, a company that provides software for remotely managing warehouse lighting LEDs, has announced that it has raised $10 million in the second round of fundraising.

Digital Lumens specializes in the production of LED lighting fixtures that can be connected to wireless networks, providing remote control of LED lighting. Owners can control the entire lighting system through a web-based interface and can perform data such as light output, energy consumption and building energy efficiency. statistics.

It is understood that LED lighting related companies have set off an investment boom in North America. Last year, the Taiwanese company SemiLEDs was listed in the US. In addition, the Lighting Science Group raised its initial public offering this year and raised $150 million. LED lighting company Bridgelux also recently raised $21 million. In addition, Intermatix is ​​also considering listing.

Black Coral Capital, Flybridge Capital Partners and Stata Venture Partners have entered the field, and The Boston has raised $25 million.

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