Will AirPods become a more wearable device than Apple Watch?

Although it is not rumored that AirPods is concerned about the market because it is Apple's product, but a recent news from Forbes has attracted more Lenovo: AirPods may become a more wearable device than Apple Watch.

AirPods' revenue capability

In fact, the saying of Forbes is just a speculation. It first assumes that the conversion rate of AirPods from iPhone users is 10%, that is, an average of 10 iPhone users will have one to purchase AirPods, and then according to the iPhone's 2017 annual estimated shipments, AirPods sales. The AirPods revenue is estimated based on the pricing. Among them, AirPods' annual shipments are estimated at 22 million, while Apple Watch is 8 million. Finally, AirPods' revenue will reach $3.5 billion, which is about $700 million more than Apple Watch.

Barclays Bank also proposed another estimate of AirPods. Although it is much less than the assumption that Forbes did not know how to take it, there are 15 million. In this way, AirPods will not exceed the Apple Watch revenue, and it will not be able to ship smoothly in the short term. However, the market still believes that AirPods will be a new product with profitability comparable to Apple Watch. Many people expect the "peripheral accessories".

New wearable platform?

Apple’s statement at the time of launching the product may have brought some imagination. When Apple Watch debuted, Jony Ive mentioned that he believes Apple is standing at the beginning of wearables in a highly compelling manner. After the release of AirPods, he also pointed out that "automatic wireless connection" will be the field that Apple intends to spend several years studying in the future. Considering the built-in stand-alone W1 chip, some people already thought that AirPods was actually the second wearable product that Apple introduced.

The unique (but a little troublesome) way of operating AirPods also fuels this vision: it's a wireless headset that can only be controlled by Siri. After wearing it, the earphones will be inductively sensed by infrared light, and the preset device will be connected in series and automatically turned on. Although the user can also take out the iPhone control directly, if you only use the AirPods itself, you must tap the AirPods with your finger to wake up Siri for the rest of the game - even if it is just a small matter.

But this cumbersome way of operation hides a deliberate guide: it may be the most natural way of interacting with AI. The movie "She" has profoundly demonstrated how AI, which exists in wireless headsets, can interact intimately with humans. Compared to the wrist-lifting watch, Siri is called, or through the iPhone, this way can be more privately connected to the digital world through the ear, and then navigate, shop, and talk, just like when people integrate themselves into Walkman through headphones. The world of music, just today, the possibility of this digital world is significantly expanded by mobile phones and AI.

AirPods is better positioned

Obviously, the Apple Watch is a product that is not well positioned. Although not many people will doubt the potential of wearable devices, Apple Watch is only an extension of iOS in many functions. The pricing of more than 2,000 RMB requires a daily charge, which is not a strong selling point for many iPhone users. Apple chose to promote the products that are actually only the peripheral accessories level as the main new product. One of the costs is to disappoint the users.

In this regard, Apple also keenly began to correct. The positioning of Apple Watch has been used as information notification, luxury goods, and physical record from the beginning, and it has completely tilted to the "health area" overnight. In addition to the new Series 2 changed to water sports as a selling point, the official from time to time revealed in the interview Apple Watch, will be the intersection of body information and digital platform. However, with limited technology limits, this ideal obviously takes a while to achieve. I want users to understand that Apple Watch is worthy of being a standalone product, and Apple may need more time.

In contrast, AirPods is much more focused. From the outset, it has acknowledged that its accessories are positioned as "headphones" to meet an important need. It focuses on the pure wireless headset market, which is still not mainstream and has a high price. However, compared with the high price of Apple Watch in its class, it is only set at the backbone level of 1288 yuan, and it maintains the accessories. The CP value also fluently supports the Apple ecosystem, driving up product value. As for the sound quality, even if it is not the focus of wireless headphones, AirPods is close to the quality of Apple in-ear headphones, it should be enough for the users to accept.

What is curious is how will AirPods improve next? Since Apple also admits that they plan to spend years exploring, the initial changes should only focus on the upgrade of existing features, extending the positioning of AirPods in music tools, such as providing more operational gestures to make Siri perform better, Apple Music's audio is stronger. Siri's role may become more interesting and proactive, such as automatically saying hello when you put on your headset, and notifying new information. How to differentiate from the wired EarPods will also be the focus of the new headset. This may also be able to observe the idea behind Apple's use of digital Lightning to drive headphones.


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