Give the projector back burn - the projector is actually more trouble than expected

In my impression, about 13 to 14 years, Aunt Zhang raised the boom of projectors. After all, the 1080P full-HD projector will only have 5,000 to 6,000 pieces. Looking at the giant screen at home is really attractive. First, my brother bought BenQ w1500 at the end of 13 and the BenQ BenQ W1500 Wireless 3D FullHD Projector was really cool. This grass was poisonous, and it was kind of stable.

So I also bought a projector in August of 14 which is the popular section of Damashao station w1080st, and the result also bought Taobao fakes..... Life has been much brighter since then: BenQ BenQ st1080 Short-focus 3D HD projector + Fortunately, the electric curtain reminded us that the rights protection has succeeded and then bought a real 1080 this time. This is true: BenQ BenQ projector.

However, in September of 16th, I sold the projector, and my brother's w1500, after experiencing a year of eating ash, gave me a shot to see.

In fact, here I would like to share with you some of the feelings of use, where the projector is cool, too many people have said, but it seems that few people mention it where there are few people mentioned, hoping to give blindness to the projector, has become a confusing The poisonous friend weeds and detoxifies. After all, I think the original intention of Zhang Aunt was actually the value she bought. She bought it and bought something like ash, which should not be encouraged. If these troubles just happen to be in the middle of you, then perhaps you should only consider the projector carefully, use the money on television, or other entertainment will be more efficient.

If you have made up your mind to buy it, you may wish to refer to it and avoid the pitfalls and pitfalls I mentioned earlier. You can also use it more happily.

Let me talk about my use of the projector for two years:

Use time: about 1100 hours (the first counterfeit bulb time is unknown, the second is 1,081 hours, a total of 1,100 hours almost)

Use environment: home living room (picture below)

Main purpose: watching movies, playing host games

User: I live alone, so it's mainly me. Sometimes I watch movies/drama/ball games with my brother. Occasionally friends come to the house to play Wii U together.

It is undeniable that there are projectors that are really cool, and the visual effect of the 130-inch big screen is just right. In the year or two, I also approached my friends Amway projector and some friends. However, as the use of time is getting longer and longer, the troublesome side of the projector is gradually exposed, and the enjoyment brought by visual effects is finally offset by trouble. The following mainly talk about the trouble I encountered.

Defects in the projector itself: brightness issues

The brightness of w1080st is 2,000. This value is OK, but it will still be affected by the sunshine during the day. Although I do some shading at home, it is still not as good as night. The difference in this effect is clearly visible to the naked eye. When used during the day, it always feels unhappy. After all, the effect is compromised. The projector is always looking for visual effects. Also feel that there are obviously 130 inches, you do not want to watch 55-inch TV, so often tangled in the daytime.

If you are ready to put the projector in the house for very good lighting, please take into account the shading, especially if you are ready to put the living room, natural light and projection can hardly be combined.

The projector itself is flawed: hot and noisy

The projector heat is very powerful, and rely on the internal fan to dissipate heat, so the heat and noise is real, w1080st is considered a good mid-end product, heat and noise control is also OK, but still can not be ignored In the summer projection room, I think it is obviously hot, and my projection is not hoisting. It is placed on the edge of the sofa. The noise and heat are all obvious.

If you do not lift, please consider whether the projector will be closer to people, causing heat and noisy interference.

Defects in the projector itself: external input devices must be connected

There are almost no built-in Android systems for projectors that are commercially available. So even if you want to watch a TV show, you must also have external set-top boxes, TV boxes, and other devices. Not to mention AirPlay. So the projector is similar to you bought a 32-inch LCD screen, showing excellent results, but not as convenient as a laptop, a device to do anything. And bought a projector, almost 100% need HDMI matrix or splitter. Then sorting out the connections between these lines and devices is also quite frustrating.

PS Here we don't discuss those projectors that come with their own systems and sounds. The effect is too bad. It is similar to a cheap computer, and it is not as high as a desktop or laptop.

If you decide to replace the TV with a projector, you must buy a variety of boxes and stereos, and consider the connection between many devices.

After-installation troubles: The choice of projector and curtain position

At the time of home renovation, I didn't really think about getting a projector. So after I bought the projector, I chose to place a small coffee table on the floor. The curtain position was fine, and I hang it directly in front of the TV. However, this kind of casual, non-fixed placement method always finds some deviations in the projection when it is used, or the focus is not accurate. Each time before use, you need to adjust to the best state, more or less will take up a little Time, as well as interrupting the mood you want to see a movie/playing game, will be very troublesome if you take a long time.

And in my brother's side, when his projector is in use, he needs to clean up all the things on the wall side of the curtain. Otherwise, it will block the screen. This will also make the projector look like Extremely troublesome.

If you choose not to lift or curtain wall, please consider that if you need to adjust/clean up each time you use projection, then this is very troublesome.

After loading troubles: walking

Since I was the first to buy a TV, basically all the equipment (hosts, set-top boxes, Android boxes, etc.) were placed in a TV cabinet, bought a projection, placed the curtain in front of the TV, and had to drag a line from TV cabinet to projector, because I am not lifting, so this line is dragged to the ground. Sometimes it would be quite ugly to be too lazy to pack up and watch and not roll it up and put it back in the TV cabinet.

If you want to take the line to go to the ceiling or along the wall, then a fifteen meter HDMI cable is still quite expensive, but also have to see whether the HDMI matrix supports such a long line, wireless connection? There is attenuation in the picture quality you know.

If you did not reserve a good line/power location during the renovation, consider the projector's alignment, otherwise it will be more or less troublesome, and it may also affect the house's cleanliness/style.

The pursuit of audiovisual effects: Everbright is not satisfied

The projector is like a high-performance graphics card. If it is not compatible with other devices and content of the same level, the experience will be discounted. For a 100-inch curtain, watch a movie/drama that requires at least a high bit rate of 1080P (because the low picture quality cannot be seen on a 100-inch screen, and each mosaic is as big as your fingernail). There is a good playback device decoding it; screen is OK, the sound can not be too bad, at least with a separate 2.0 audio. It is easy to embark on a no return at this time.

How easy is it to download a movie? Do you want to buy a Blu-ray player on the NAS? Do you want to buy a Blu-ray player? Do you want to use a 5.1 audio system? Can the sound insulation in your home be comfortable? Are these multi-device linkages convenient? How do you control multiple remote controls? toss. If you want a good effect, it's easy and comfortable to use. Basically it costs money. The 6000 projection is like a GTX 1060. You have to give it a desktop computer. With a good desktop computer, you begin to ponder the computer desk and computer chair. Of course, if you buy more than 10,000 projectors, the corresponding equipment must be in the best grade.

I think people who use projectors will more or less think about how to make the best audio and video effects and how to be the most comfortable watching movies/playing games. (At least I'm like this. I'm so poor. I'm still using the HDMI Matrix, Logitech 650 remote control, and NAS and 5.1 ideas for the projection. Fortunately, it's because of poor performance.)

If you buy a projector, please do a good job with the budget of the projector equipment, curtains, wire, playback equipment, broadcast content, audio-visual environment, etc. The more thoughtful it is, the more comfortable it is to use, otherwise it is either grey or long. The time was too tight.

Little trouble actually more

The above points I think are more general, in fact, when I use it, there will be some minor troubles occasionally arising to make the projector less happy. For example, when a friend comes to a party at home, the Xbox Kinect cannot be played on a projector, but must be a TV. Now that 4K and HDR have become popular, the technology of the projectors is slow to follow up. The HD4 games of PS4 and Xbox next year are basically rare. Projector support.

Just like the mobile game can be played at any time, but it takes a few more steps to open a computer and play games in front of a computer. So as everyone gets busier, the more mobile games you play, the less you play computer games. Now. Similarly, the projector, turn on the TV to see a play or casually watch a movie, but with the projector will be like to see the Department of good-looking movies, after playing 2 hours of games, this kind of psychological squat, it is easier to retreat. In the final analysis, all kinds of small troubles of the projector will be more. For a long time, this influence will become more and more obvious, which will cause the projector to eat more and more time.

And don't forget that the power consumption of the projector is basically twice as much as that of the TV, and electricity costs are also spent.

Money and leisure is the major premise of the projector

After I tossed it around, I felt that the projector would be cool, and that it would be best to lay it out from the beginning of the renovation. It must be hoisted. There is a basic audio-visual environment, shading and soundproofing are basic, curtains do not buy cheap bargains, power amplifier +5.1 stereo, Blu-ray player or high-definition player with good performance, NAS or route mount download, multi-device linkage get The remote control screen + Logitech remote control can control all devices with one key. If the HTPC is equipped with a wireless mouse or infrared remote control, the projector itself is as high as possible (w1080st I think is the minimum, which is in contrast to my brother's w1500. The result is that in order to have a 100-inch + large-screen effect. This basically went to 15,000. The origin of all this is the 100-inch curtain.

After the equipment is over, it's better to enjoy watching movies, playing games, and having time to enjoy. This is harder than spending money. In the two years I have a projector, I haven’t been to work for about 10 months and I’ve been playing games with my family for a movie. It’s probably 10 months that I’m more fully enjoying the projector’s pleasure. When I’m at work, It is also possible to turn on the projector at weekends.

In fact, the TV is also very good

After selling the projector in September of this year, I used my family's 55-inch cool broken TV to watch movies and played games. The effect was definitely not as shocking as the 130-inch shock, but it was expensive and convenient now, and now I see 4k+HDR's Dafa TV. More than 1,000 dollars to buy 10 inches, 55 to 65 prices and mid-range projector + curtain almost. And the TV's own audio sometimes also improvise, in addition to the screen size, in other aspects the TV's price is much higher than the projector. If you don’t have deep love for the big screen, you don’t have to blindly pursue the projector.

In short: Choosing the right one, happy is the most important

Having said so much, it is not necessary to spray the projector more than good, but to share with everyone my own actual feelings, hoping to help everyone and make better buying decisions. Avoid buying regret, bought a loss, buy more and more unhappy state. Finally, send a cat to take a picture, I wish you all happy to buy 2017, but also to use happy!

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