Feeling for Feelings - kugou cool dog Pandora Bluetooth audio out of the box experience

"Hello kugou", I dare to say that as long as it is after 80 and 90, we must have heard this familiar welcome statement. Now the cool dog looks like it is not just doing software, and recently got a Bluetooth stereo.

To be honest, before deciding to buy Cool Dog's audio, I also learned about some similar products on the Internet. The reasons for the final choice are:

1. Cool Dog, a music software that accompanies my adolescence, this time Cool Dog launches a Bluetooth stereo, which may evoke memories of my youth;

2, Pandora audio does not need to download love ass (APP)! Many mobile phone apps can't find the pain. I believe it is the realization of all people. It doesn't say space. Often, the apps developed for supporting smart devices are shoddy, user experience is poor, interaction is strange, and learning costs are high!

3, cool dog music library is very rich in volume, non-destructive sound quality version is also deeper than the accumulation of other music software.

The appearance of the cabinet is a simple range.

Open the box and the deity appears.

From the family portrait, you can see all the accessories of Cool Dog Pandora Audio, power cord, remote control, battery No. 5, audio main body. As you can see, it is not a USB Cable. It means that this Bluetooth speaker does not have a battery, and it needs to be connected to a power supply. I guess it's because of the main family use. Usually, it's a good place to find a place at home, and it doesn't move the sound often. So I didn't design a built-in battery. After all, it's not the palm-sized Bluetooth speaker. I don't need to bring it out at any time.

Pandora's frontal metal design sense, a strong sense of technology, modern, home feel, especially suitable for the modern decoration style of most families now, placed next to the ultra-thin smart TV, on the kitchen wooden table, placed on Rooms near the pillow are beautiful decorations.

The groove above the back of the box, guess what is used? Is a handle! Pandora sound itself is a little sense of weight, plus the handle, to move easily when it is convenient, very intimate.

Underneath the back of the box is a two-dimensional code in the middle of the back of the box. Wechat sweeps away, and we pay attention to the cool dog's public number. We can connect the audio to the wifi, which is very convenient. You can also see that there is an AUX interface, yes, right, in addition to the Internet Bluetooth connection, you can also directly through the 3.5mm audio cable, connect a TV or computer.

On the side of the box, we are familiar with the “Hello, Kugou!” logo. The transition between metal and matte material is very natural. The material on the back is also more comfortable to touch. It will not only have the feeling of high cold on the front face, but will instantly have temperature.

There are several commonly used buttons on the top of the fuselage. The design of the buttons and the design of the remote control are in one continuous line. The feeling of the diamond and the design of the whole body are also reflected in each other. The volume is added or subtracted, and the key K is turned on and off. Press Pause to play), WIFI, Bluetooth function keys.

There is a non-slip mat on both sides of the bottom, considerate, also put some of the parameter information is also at the bottom of the sound, this design I admire, which makes the whole body feel refreshed, without missing the necessary information.

The so-called smart life is to make life more convenient, but many products have to bring a separate APP. The result is not only inconvenient. Each time it takes a long time to understand how to use a product, a little bit of veil appears in the process, again Confidence in use is discounted and will quickly become idle. The learning cost of the remote control is almost zero, and it is stable. I think this is the real complexity. This allows the use of groups to be unlimited and suitable for all ages.

Connection operation

Finally, we are starting to connect and we are about to start swimming in the ocean of music!

Let me talk about my personal favorite connection. WIFI connection!

Long press the fuselage WIFI button, began to flash, that is, enter the WIFI network configuration, open the WeChat scan the body above the two-dimensional code, identify the cool dog hardware public number, attention, click on the configuration network, click configure audio Internet, it will Automatically identify the WIFI network connected to your mobile phone, enter the password, and the connection is so easy to succeed! Next, just hold the remote control and click on the radio station you want to hear. The music is floating out!

Bluetooth link, long press the body button to flash bluetooth, began to enter the Bluetooth configuration, open the mobile phone Bluetooth search interface, see cool dog Pandora stereo, is it! Click the link, then you can open any music player on your phone and start enjoying music!

See this Bluetooth configuration map, wit you surely know how many smart devices I have entered! How many pits!

DLNA link, in the case of cool dog Pandora audio connection on the WIFI network, open the cool dog music APP, click on the play button in the upper right corner of the playback interface, select DLNA-cool dog Pandora stereo, device interconnection is completed.

You can also use the 3.5mm audio cable link to play, this is more simple, I do not need to say more.

The above 4 kinds of connection methods can all be controlled with a remote controller. Just don't like it too much! Because in this way I can seriously play my King's Glory Qualifying Tournament while enjoying the sea of ​​music. I don't need to change my mobile page in order to switch songs.

With cool dog music package and half-year membership card

As mentioned at the beginning of the article, Cool Dog Music's music library is very rich, and it can basically meet all my listening needs, and now we have purchased Pandora Audio to present cool dog music packages and half-year membership cards! In the past six months, I have not given the lossless song to the next time.

Sound quality experience

Cool Dog Pandora audio equipped with a 2.75-inch full-range speaker, 1.5L large-capacity cavity, 36-watt stereo output, the main shock bass, I specially chose a bass joint to hear the feeling of singin in the rain, bass The effect is very clear. When I pull it back into the movie, the man holds an umbrella and dances cheerfully in the rain, and his mood is getting better.

When I remembered my childhood, my dad bought a giant subwoofer and turned it on when he was watching a large blockbuster movie. When the big scene came, the water in his home cup shook. I plan to experience this stimulating feeling in my little home with cool dog Pandora, hey.

Get a variety of corners took a shot and found enough cool pandora Pandora audio with any scene is quite ah Yeah, although the metal design, simple color, but it does not seem offensive, very warm, and quite tidal character.

Finally, should we say something about it?

Although I'm not very literary, enjoying music is at best a tasting, not a real music fan, but the cool dog Bluetooth sound is quite sentimental. At least the cool dog name really accompanies a lot of growth. This time the hardware was released. It should be supported by the sentiment.


1, the appearance of beautiful design fashion, suitable for young people to buy;


1, the function keys on the remote control to select the songs may not be suitable for everyone, if you can let users edit songs on their own will be better;

2, with half a year membership is a bit short, if you can have a year or with other offers on the perfect.

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