VR Edition "Top Gun" "EVE: Valkyrie" Review

"EVE: Valkyrie" is an EVE derivative work created by Icelandic CCP Co., the developer of "EVE Online". It is a VR (virtual reality) game in the space combat theme and requires an Oculus Rift or the like. VR helmet to experience. In the game, the player needs to ride the aircraft carrier to experience the EVE world through the perspective of the first-person traditional air combat.

The game currently does not support the mouse and keyboard, all actions rely entirely on the manual controller and the head of the nine-axis gyroscope to operate.

PC/VR configuration requirements

CPU: I5-2500K and above

Memory: 8G

Graphics card: GTX970 or above AMD furry and above

Hard Disk: 11G or more

System: WIN7 64 bit or higher

Controller: XBOX handle or any of the same type of handle, support flight joystick

VR equipment: Oculus Rift DK2 head display

Overall feeling

The game screen is VR raw, in order to not see the flaws in the head display, the model texture resolution is more than 2K, and there is no excessive stacking model to drag the video card, the picture at one go just right. There is no sense of lag in the game. Light effects such as explosions have also been measured and improved. They are gorgeous but not dazzling.

The sound effects of the game are also generated by VR, and the 3D positioning effect is very accurate. When being chased, only the voice heard can distinguish the position of the enemy, and the sound of the game supports most of the facilities from the headset to the home theater, and it also perfectly supports the physical 5.1. /7.1 headphone.

The sense of game control is superb. Proficient use of the handle or flight bar can make you feel at home, experience the thrill of maneuvering fighter and flying in space.

Detailed system description:

Bring your head to the game, enter the game, first come to the main interface shown in the figure above, select the content you want to enter by turning your head, determine the entry through the handle, the head swing selection is very natural and accurate, and reality In the same feeling, you will know what you need to do by wearing your head.

Training mode:

The training mode includes basic movement and combat training, and has exclusive training for different ships (the exclusive training is currently not open).

The basic training includes basic flight training and shooting training. After the player enters the program, it will let you pass through a series of set areas and give some targets to shoot.

Team mode:

Players can form their own temporary team and invite friends to join.

Battlefield preview:

The system will show and introduce various current map and map playable game modes.

Dockyard: A shipyard of the C family, when their warships are not built, they will be torched here! The facilities are numerous and complicated, which is very suitable for the avoidance and pursuit of small-sized models.

Relic battlefield: After the Battle of the G and A races, there are various battleships and Titan wreckages. Your goal is to wipe out the remaining enemies.

Asteroid Belt Acquisition Station: Whoever controls the resources controls the future, takes this area as its own, destroys all enemies!

A-Cathedral (Palace): This is an empire's cathedral. Your goal is to guard this place and kill the invading pagans!

Fleet escort (unopened): The earliest scene in the official demo, unlike other maps, is that the battleships are intact and have not yet been destroyed. Players will experience the true EVE battlefield.

Online battle:

The game must be online to play the game. After entering the online mode, the game can be matched to enter the random battlefield.

The goals and maps of each battle are random and contain 4 maps and 2 game modes.

Game mode:

The team is annihilated: destroy as many enemy fighter planes as possible within the prescribed time.

The point of capture is king: The base controller is deployed near the target area to control the base, thereby weakening the number of enemy base points. There are a total of 3 points on the map, and which side controls which side to win.

After entering the random match, the character will be sent to the preparation room in the aircraft carrier. At this time, the player can see the map and the configuration of the enemy. At the same time, he can choose his own pre-set fighter to join the fight. After each remote clone is dead, he will return. To this preparation room.


The warehouse is divided into two sections, a working hangar and a war preparation hangar.

Maintenance hangar: Players can view the fighter's technology tree, select/customize their own fighter planes. Currently, they can only customize the appearance of the skin. The fighter's equipment is bound to follow the model, do not rule out the future can replace the equipment.

Battle Prepared Warrior: The Warrior Ready Warrior gives players four replaceable shortcut fighters. Players can set up different warplanes in order to quickly switch in the battlefield.

Fighter introduction:

There are three types of fighter planes: fighter planes, bombers, and support planes from left to right.


The fighter aircraft is the most basic type of aircraft, that is, the iron carrier aircraft in the EVE. The operation mode is the same as that of the modern fighter aircraft. The fixed artillery and the missile can be independently targeted and locked with the head display.

Features: fast speed, fierce fire, high mobility


The bomber is the mainstay of the game. Heavy armor and AOE's high-explosive munitions make it easy to smooth out all obstacles. At the same time, the bomber's artillery can be turned, and it can be used as a guide.

Features: Thick armor, fierce fire

Support machine

Supporting machine is the core of a team. Remotely repairing the device makes it possible for the teammate to save the risk at the moment of teammates. The trap device makes the enemy chasing him pay a terrible price.

Features: Small size, repairable ships, traps

Fighter Bomber Support Machine

Firepower: ★★★☆☆ Firepower: ★★★★★ Firepower: ★☆☆☆☆

Maneuver: ★★★★★ Maneuver: ★☆☆☆☆ Maneuver: ★★★★☆

Armor: ★★☆☆☆ Armor:★★★★★ Armor:★☆☆☆☆

Survival: ★★★☆☆ Survival: ★★★★☆ Survival: ★★★★★

The tech tree of the entire fighter aircraft is based on fighter aircraft. When the fighter experience is accumulated to a certain degree, it can unlock other models. There are different models in different aircraft types. The equipment is changed with the model, and it is currently unable to definition.

Experience and game currency

The settlement of experience in the game is not just to see killing, but also includes assists, points, assists, etc. to get an evaluation.

The game currency is proportional to the experience, and at the same time the character will also receive extra rewards when they upgrade.

to sum up:

The overall experience of the game is awesome. As one of the few VR-originated games released by the official cooperation, “EVE: Valkyrie” integrates various features of VR well, with a balance between the picture and fluency. It takes time to ensure that the players perform high-quality games with maximum fluency. Whether they are chasing or being chased, air-fighting or confrontation are heartbeats, especially at the highest speeds in the dense battleship wreckage. Looking back and seeing the chased enemy plane's sense of accomplishment when it crashed and evaded can make you feel like you are completely in space and completely ignore the game.

It can be seen that "EVE: Valkyrie" is a big game under the CCP. The game is not only a derivative of EVE, but also shows the possibility of future interaction with "EVE:Online" in all aspects. . The entire game was born entirely for VR. The VR advantages and technical features were all applied to the extreme. The brilliant light and shadow lifelike sound effects gave the player an unprecedented experience. In short, the future of EVE: Valkyrie is unstoppable. !

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