One second to restore the new version of VST all-aggregated live broadcast feature, CIBN film and television VST watch live tutorial!

Since the news that "regulatory" was announced in February this year, VST has officially renamed this popular live broadcast application for smart TV users to "CIBN Film & Video VST."

The official statement is "according to the requirements of national control, access to broadcast control management, full-source content cooperation, the establishment of a healthy and sustainable development of the ecology, richer content, more timely new films, to bring the user the most formal audio-visual experience!" After the update, CIBN Films and VSTs naturally have restrictions on live and on-demand features.

Attach the new CIBN movie and VST official download address:

Downloading the latest version of CIBN Film and Video VST in the sofa butler, although the startup interface is no longer the familiar "VST all polymerization", but its internal main interface has not changed much.

Friends already used must have discovered that the "TV watching" function of the new version of CIBN Film & TV and VST still exists. However, after entering, it only found that it was actually a plausible "live broadcast," not only because the number of resources was not enough and the scope was very small.

Next is to witness the miracle! In the main interface you can see the first "add application", and we restore CIBN film and VST live broadcast function is to rely on this feature!

First download another live application in the sofa butler: micro live broadcast (click to jump to the official website address). The micro micro live broadcast is an all-aggregation live broadcast software, with 300+ live channels, 24 hours dedicated personnel maintenance, with 7 days domestic TV viewing, TV online collection, P2P live broadcast protocol support, simple operation and complete functions, easy to use for the elderly It can be used without any settings. It is simpler and faster than other software.

Online install small micro live broadcast: Small micro live broadcast.apk

After the download and installation are completed, enter the “add application” function of CIBN Films and VSTs and select the mini-micro broadcast.

Then click on the micro live broadcast directly in the CIBN film and VST, you can watch the real live TV!

Not only is the number of live broadcasts rich, but the response speed is very fast! Adding application functions can also be used on any other software, such as a sofa butler~

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