Secret: Family security system composition and technical application deployment

With the continuous improvement of people's living standards, people's demand for family safety has been put on the agenda. Home security systems can play an effective role in protecting houses, anti-theft, reducing common crimes such as vandalism and burglary, and can even use them to reduce accidents that occur indoors.

Home security system

Home security is a kind of precautionary measure based on family safety. It uses physical methods or electronic technology to automatically detect intrusion behaviors that occur in the arming monitoring area, generate alarm signals, and prompt the on-duty personnel to report the area of ​​the alarm, indicating that countermeasures may be taken. system. So, what are the functions of the general family security system?

First, video surveillance system

As long as the family has network access, whether it is ADSL or broadband, you can install the Great White Goose Video Gateway. The difference is with the old-fashioned analog camera, the new generation of webcam with 360-degree rotation, and more than 1 million HD images. You can take photos, you can record, and these image information will be stored on the web server according to customer needs. With a call function, it is equivalent to installing a network phone. Generally, a house of about 100 square feet can be equipped with a camera in the lobby and the kitchen. If you install a camera in each room, you can have no dead corners in the whole house.

Second, the alarm system

Integrating various sensors with the camera is an innovation in current home security. Door magnetic, infrared displacement, smoke detector, gas detector, water immersion detector, emergency help button, can be linked with the video gateway, triggering alarms in any place, the camera will automatically turn here, and send text messages and images to the phone And computer.

Third, the prevention of privacy

The new generation of home security system adopts the P2P network transmission mode. All videos are not forwarded by the server, so the background staff can't see any user's home situation; the video gateway has a password, and only the user knows it can modify it. The mobile client also has a password, which only the user knows.

Fourth, the police handling control system

When there is an alarm message such as illegal intrusion or gas leak in the home, the local sound and light alarm message will be sent, and the system host will send SMS, MMS, capture the live picture, and send the live video to multiple designated users' mobile phones; the user receives The police information can pick up the mobile phone or computer for the first time to monitor any picture in the home, and can control the home camera, alarm, and smart home through the mobile phone or computer. The monitoring video and burglar alarm can be independently completed on the mobile phone. Smart home and other functions.

Die casting Zinc Alloy, Aluminum alloy and High Temperature powder coating are applied, which can effectively protect mechanical force and avoid water and powder, provide reliable protection for connected system against severe environment.

Four functions of heavy-duty connector housing:

1. Electrical insulation between connectors to avoid interference between signals.

2. Fixing the position of the connector is conducive to plugging and position stability.

3. Provide mechanical protection and support for the insert

4. Separate the connector from the application environment, reduce the environmental pollution and corrosion of the connector, and extend the service life of the connector

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