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At the 2015 Shanghai CJ show, various game manufacturers launched their own new products, and Feizhi also launched a game box belonging to its own. The game box featured high-performance, full-game, and high-manipulation controls, using RK3288 processing. 2G memory configuration, more smoothly than the mobile phone to run all kinds of Android games, with the key mapping technology of the Flying Chi game hall, so that the game is more suitable for the game box with flying wisdom, supporting the flying wisdom rat sense handle, breaking the big screen manipulation is not convenient, Making the game experience better and smoother, although the smart box has slowly entered the era of eight-core 64-bit CPU, and the manufacturers using the latest RK3368 processor are also in the minority, but in the game RK328 Mali-T764 GPU phase Compared to the RK3368's PowerVR G6110 GPU experience, it will be better. However, other configurations also need to keep up, so as to have the best experience.

Test Equipment

★Smart TV: Cool open 49U2TV

★Router.. Cool open intelligent routing

★ Gamepad: Black Knight X9 Wireless Handle

Flying wisdom box basic parameters

Out of the box

The large black box, with a simple domineering logo and slogans, people can not wait to quickly experience the charm of the box

The bottom of the carton marks some basic parameters of the game box

The interior uses a rigid sponge to firmly protect the game box

Feizhi game box all accessories, host, remote control, HDMI 2.0 line, instruction manual, power adapter, two AA batteries

The Feizhi game box uses a plastic shell and looks like a piece of black chocolate. The left side of the box provides a power switch.

The right side of the box is equipped with a composite audio and video AV interface, TF card slot and reset key, and two USB 2.0 ports, one of which can be used for the line brushing machine of the PC.

The rear of the box also provides an RJ45 network interface with an HDMI 2.0 interface, optical audio output, and Fast Ethernet.

The bottom of the box has a unique design of the heat hole

12-button simple remote control, easy replacement of two AA batteries, where the â–¡ key can quickly switch between games

System Experience

System Home Simple three options, programs opened in recent history, settings for setting up the box system, and software running to notify the background running software, in addition to the desktop can also add software to quickly start

Almost all of the settings are similar to the native Android, so the operation is simple, but also can be updated online Feizhi game box firmware

Pull down all the installed software on the home page remote control. The software included in the game box is very streamlined, allowing users to install it according to their own needs. The installed software can be quickly classified into six categories. Finding, of course, can also be customized to add mobile

Performance test

An Bunny Running Test

The use of security Bunny evaluation 5.7.2 version of the test, the final score of 38357 to RK3288 optimization is not bad

Using security Bunny video test, score 641 supports 23 formats, 0 unsupported formats, 7 incomplete supporting formats

Feizhi game box network WiFi signal test

The following figure is a sketch map of the location of the cool open smart router and Feizhi game box.

2.4GHz/5G wifi receiving signal using WiFi analyzer TV test box, 2.4G is a little poor and 5G signal receiving ability is also good

Game testing

Use the black samurai X9 handle to connect, open the system built-in flying Chi game hall

It is very easy to use the remote control key to switch during the game

Game test video

The first game, Rapids 2, is controlled by the use of the Black Knight X9 gyro function. The game is smooth.

Try using the remote control key to switch games

Experience experience

Thanks first to Fei Zhi for allowing me to experience Feizhi game box at 299 prices. The configuration of Feizhi game box can be regarded as very top level. The only shortcoming is that the wired network only uses 100 megabit network, and other configurations have gone up. This, in the absence of USB3.0 configuration, Gigabit cable network for 4K video is significant, although the shell does not have good metal cooling, but the temperature is acceptable, but the bottom of the box cooling hole feels a bit small, perhaps I don't have enough set-top boxes to allow time to prove heat dissipation. In terms of system operation, using the remote control has a slight delay. In the end, the game is very smooth.

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