Youku TV is coming to market:

As LeTV hits the beach for Internet TV, more and more Internet companies have begun to immerse themselves in the home appliance market and combine their advantages to create smart TVs. According to big data, until the end of 2014, domestic smart TV sales reached 26.5 million units, up 55.01% month-on-month. The development of smart TV does not have to say much, but Youku, who is also a video website, has been unable to move, and few relevant messages have been exposed.

It has been reported that Youku Tudou will launch Internet TV news, and in August it is still a vibe coming soon. On August 6, Youku Tudou Group officially announced its name change to Heyi Group. However, Youku TV, which was mentioned above, did not appear. As we are looking forward to it, now youku TV's product details and behind-the-scenes team's collective exposure have given everyone a sure-footed pill. Youku TV really is coming!

Regarding why Youku TV came late, You Wenhua’s founder, Su Wenhua, said in previous interviews that because the right people had not yet been found, they must wait. Su Wenhua's attitude of making products in a humble and awe-inspiring attitude seems to be out of place with smart circles that are now eager for quick success. However, the manufacture of smart hardware is not so simple. It requires deep knowledge of hardware, software and marketing. This concept is in line with the core demands of the "Imaginative Users Create More Value," and it is also people who look forward to the next generation of products that use humility, strength, and mindset.

Although the concept and attitude of Youku TV are praiseworthy, in the face of a fiercely competitive market, how does Youku TV highlight the siege of smoking and redefine Internet TV?


Youku TuoWa Why do TV? Su Wenhua said in the video, users have not received very good Internet content until now, and all manufacturers are concerned about how to make a cheaper TV. Indeed, although the sales volume of smart TVs increased year-on-month, there are still doubts about Internet TV. The contents of OR hardware, who is the king's controversy, have not yet ended, and one manufacturer has begun to enter the battlefield with a price war. Users have long been dazzled, but the smart TV market does not have a clear picture. Instead, due to the intensified competition, a mixed bag of dragons and fishes obscures the true mainstream of future development. This has given Youku a vast space.

We heard the four concepts of innovation, exclusivity, word-of-mouth, and interaction proposed by Zhang Chengwen, marketing director of Youku TV, and believe that this is both a method and a standard. It can be seen that Youku TV's determination in disruptiveness is that it is bound to be the best, and that the user's actual experience should be the ultimate demand, and the recognition and conscience interaction should be the ultimate goal. It is believed that Youku will not use “Comparison” to realize its own value, because from the product logic to the product pricing, “Comparison” has no way out and the future, blindly stimulating with simple and crude prices will form a short fan effect, but the product The most important sense of identity, however, has become a bubble in the price war. We believe that the high-end positioning is suitable for the development of Youku TV.


Youku, as the largest video resource platform in China, has the largest content base of outsourced copyright library. Relevant data show that in the content ecology of Youku Tudou, UGC, PGC net content ratio has exceeded 50%, and the number of channel broadcasts per month has exceeded 10 billion, producing 30 hours of net content every minute. Youku Tudou In the past year, the number of self-channels that have been published in the past year exceeded 10 million, resulting in 10 overvalued billions and over 50 self-assessed channels worth more than 10 million yuan, including runaway comics and Luoji thinking. It is refreshed and promoted at multiple speeds. If Youku TV focuses on users with self-channel content as its core, and at the same time realizes member value-added and content marketing through quality web content, it will realize a benign micro-ecological cycle in terms of user quality, interactive capabilities, flow data, and liquidity capabilities.

Grasping the content also captures the future of television. The combination of offline hardware resources and online content resources can generate tremendous power. Youku potatoes in the user's mind are undoubtedly the domestic and even world-class resource platform providers, with unique advantages, relying on this, combined with offline hardware advantages, Youku TV is born with such a golden key. If we really think of heroes in terms of quantity of content, let's wait for a good show.

People and

In the two-minute video clip, Youku TV’s powerful team behind the scenes is evident. You Wenhua's two founders, Su Wenhua and Zhang Chengwen, all come from traditional manufacturers such as Skyworth and TCL. They not only have the rigorous rigor of traditional companies, but also have a keen sense of Internet information. Su Wenhua was the first Internet TV product creator in China. He used to be the product manager of Ali Cool TV, and the deputy general manager of Skyworth Coolpad. Now he is the general manager of Youku TV. Zhang Chengwen worked in TCL Multimedia Group for 6 years, creating the myth of the fastest promotion of TCL since its establishment in 33 years. Now he is the Director of Marketing of Youku TV.

The team gathered the industry's senior professional designers, module engineer Cao Qian is the founder of Huaxing Optoelectronics Department, the ultra-thin ultra-narrow module optical design person in charge, UI designer Su Shihui won the IF IF design award, industrial designer Ren Tingming Gao Huaming is the winner of the German Red Dot Award.

The attitude of indulging in products; the idea of ​​innovation, ultimate, word of mouth, and interaction; and a strong and professional team, all of which laid a foundation for the soon to be born Youku TV. How to achieve the content of the king, the value of the tiger, how to re-wash the smart TV industry, refresh the new heights of Internet TV, and wait and see.

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