Silver Rain Lighting: Increase upstream and downstream integration to maintain a leading edge

With the continuous development of LED technology and the promotion of national energy conservation and emission reduction policies, the LED industry has entered a golden age of development. Faced with the huge market opportunities of LED, many companies flocked to the top and tried their best to make a place in the LED market. After years of development, Hong Kong Zhenmingli Group has become one of the leading manufacturers in the LED industry. Recently, HC Network interviewed Qiu Guanjia, Director of Marketing Department of Heshan Yinyu Lighting Co., Ltd. in China.

Heshan Yinyu Lighting China Marketing Director Qiu Guanjia

HC Network: Zhenmingli Group Heshan Yinyu Lighting Co., Ltd. has a comprehensive product line of LED lighting, LED lighting, LED applications and stage lights, LED chips and LED packaging, and there are many competitors in the product line. Compared with rivals, What are the technical advantages of Zhen Mingli products?

Yinyu Lighting: Zhenmingli Group NEONEO Yinyu Lighting Co., Ltd. products include LED lighting, LED lighting, LED applications and stage lighting, LED chips and LED packaging. There are more than 10,000 products in five series, and the sales network covers China, Hong Kong and Taiwan. More than 100 countries and regions in Southeast Asia, Europe and America. Yinyu Lighting Co., Ltd. adheres to the independent brand route and relies on continuous independent innovation and technology investment to build a leading brand in the LED industry.

Compared with many other competitors, True Mingli's LED products have the following advantages:

First, close to the European and American markets, market-led research and development, the demand for the international market response is agile, while having a number of well-known product designers and lighting designers, the products developed are marketable;

Second, Zhen Mingli is the only listed company in the world that completes the vertical integration of LEDs in the middle and lower reaches, so it has more powerful cost control capabilities;

Third, attach importance to product quality and be brave in innovation. The company has good quality control ability and strictly controls the QC&QA control of the products. Every link in the process can not be neglected, so that each product process is standardized.

HC Network: NEONEON Silver Rain has a complete industrial chain from LED chip manufacturing to LED lighting production. What benefits does this bring to the enterprise?

Yinyu Lighting: In 2008, under the global financial crisis, Zhenmingli Group NEONEON Yinyu Lighting Co., Ltd. invested 50 million US dollars to enter the LED upstream epitaxial chip field, build its own LED chip factory, plus the previously built LED packaging factory, The group company has completed a complete industrial chain from LED chip manufacturing to LED lighting production.
From the perspective of the enterprise, the company's self-built LED chip factory can save 40% of the chip cost compared with the purchased chip, which can save about 10% to 15% of the cost of the LED terminal product. As the company's production technology is increasing, it is expected to purchase more than 100 MOCVD machines within two years. It is expected that the production cost of the chip will double again. At the same time, the cooperation between the LED chip factory and the packaging factory can accelerate the development and testing of the chip technology. The chip products developed by the new technology and new process can be packaged and tested in their own packaging factory, eliminating the uncontrollable influence factors and sealing of the intermediate process. Measuring cost and time, chip technicians can discuss with packaged technicians the possible problem points and influencing factors in package testing, and improve the success rate of new technologies and new processes. The advantages of this one-stop industrial chain are beyond the reach of other companies.

HC Network: In 2009, NEONEON Silver Rain began to focus on the domestic market. What is the current development status of the domestic LED market? Is the spring of the LED industry coming soon?

Silver Rain Lighting: Due to the strong promotion of LED lighting applications by the Chinese government in recent years, especially the Olympic Games and the World Expo, the LED lighting market continues to expand. With the gradual advancement of the “Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Miles” and “Thousand Miles” LED Street Light Promotion Plan promoted by the government, the LED street lamp application market has also increased. Coupled with the mainland's huge urban landscape lighting project and indoor lighting consumer groups, the future of China's LED market is infinite. NEONEON Yinyu has set up branches in 21 cities in China. The R&D department has continuously introduced many LED application lighting products that are more suitable for the Chinese market and consumers. It plans to increase the domestic business share to 25% by next year.

HC Network: At present, more and more lighting companies are involved in LED, product quality is uneven, and industry competition is becoming more and more fierce. How will Zhen Mingli continue to maintain its dominant position in the fierce market competition?

Yinyu Lighting: Compared with other competitors, Zhenmingli Group NEONEON Yinyu Lighting Co., Ltd. has a very early layout in the LED field, has a relatively accurate grasp of future market trends, and has considerable experience in after-sales service. At the same time, it is the only vertically listed company with vertical integration of LED upstream and downstream, with strong R&D strength and cost control capability. In the future, the company will continue to increase its investment in the upstream of the LED industry by leveraging the strong capital advantages of listed companies and maintain its leading position in the LED industry.

HC Network: Can you look forward to the 2010 China LED lighting market? In 2010, what will be the new action of NEONEON Yinyu in product development and marketing?

Silver Rain Lighting: The Chinese government has promised to reduce carbon emissions by 45% per year at the Copenhagen Climate Summit. Therefore, China will increase its promotion and support for the green energy industry in the future. In addition to saving at least 60% energy compared with traditional lighting, LED application lighting has the advantages of long life, easy integration, fast response, low maintenance cost, easy control of light distribution, and rich colors. It is only a matter of time to replace traditional light sources. With the introduction of a number of LED-related standards, it is believed that China's LED application lighting market will grow rapidly from 2010 onwards. In addition, the government has vigorously promoted LED streetlight projects such as “Ten Cities and Ten Thousand Miles” and “Thousands of Miles” to drive more Chinese cities to implement LED lighting. Among them, more than 30 cities have indicated that they are going to modern LED technology city, China in the future. The market opportunity for LED application lighting will exceed 100 billion yuan.

In 2010, Zhenmingli Group will continue to expand the production capacity of LED upstream chip factories. At the same time, it plans to invest 150 million US dollars in Yangzhou to build LED chip production base and expand the self-sufficiency of LED upstream industry. In the field of LED midstream packaging, in 2010, SMD products will be vigorously promoted, especially 3528 SMD LEDs, expanding the production capacity of SMD products, making the SMD series capacity reach more than 1 billion. In the downstream application field, the focus is on improving the cost structure of existing products, reducing the sales price of products, and perfecting some products to form a series. The domestic office will increase from 21 expansions to 30 offices and large logistics and warehousing centers to quickly serve dealers. We welcome strong engineering companies and channel dealers to join the Yinyu sales team to strengthen the combination. At the same time, we will promote strong brand promotion for domestic media and major websites. In this way, a dense service system is formed with the dealers to serve the consumers, so that consumers can experience the charm of NEO-NEON Yinyu LED application lighting products more quickly, and let "China Heart China Silver Silver Rain Lighting" bloom in Shenzhou.

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