US Department of Energy releases 2010-2013 LED product energy saving potential assessment report

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In the next 20 years, LED-based solid-state lighting products will generate $120 billion in energy savings if the product achieves the desired performance.

High-tech LED compiled February 22 news, the US Department of Energy recently released a report analyzing the energy saving potential after the deployment of solid-state lighting, mainly for LED and OLED products. The Department of Energy believes that SSL can generate 1488 TWH of electricity savings, equivalent to $120 billion, based on today's energy prices.

    Energy is actively funding various SSL lighting initiatives, on the one hand to save energy and reduce emissions, and on the other hand to make the United States a global leader in SSL technology. This latest report updates previous forecasts.

    This comprehensive report begins with lighting fixtures and lumen requirements and continues to focus on the technical improvements and installation bases of traditional lighting fixtures.

    This report revisits the potential for LED product improvement over the next 20 years. For example, the report believes that the color rendering index can reach 76-90. The Department of Energy predicts that overall lamp efficiency will increase from today's 64.3 lm/W to 147.3 lm/W in 2020 and 176.3 lm/W in 2030.

    From a cost perspective, the Department of Energy believes that SSL costs will fall from today's $169.49 per thousand lumens to $5.03 per thousand lumens in 2030. The report also forecasts the relevant situation of OLED.

    The latter part of the report focuses on market penetration assessments and energy-saving calculations, with a calm mind to assess the replacement of global lighting technologies.

    The conclusion is impressive, and the Department of Energy believes that SSL will completely replace other technologies in commercial, residential, industrial and outdoor lighting. Energy savings are mainly due to the replacement of fluorescent and halogen lamps in the commercial sector. The Department of Energy claims that SSL will reduce global greenhouse gas emissions and reduce emissions by approximately 246 million tons over the next 20 years. (Compile / Zeng Cong)

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