2010 lighting development energy-saving products are still the main

With the continuous development of lighting fixtures, the lighting industry has made great progress in China. Due to the popularity of the real estate market in recent years, the demand for products for lighting products is also growing. With the deepening of 'low carbon' life in China, energy-saving products have gradually become the mainstream of the lighting market. The following is a forecast of the trends of lighting products in 2010 for reference by enterprises. Energy-saving lamps lead the trend of products
In 2009, energy-saving lamps became an absolute hot topic in the industry. With the prevalence of global energy conservation trends, the implementation of national energy conservation subsidies, and the promotion of basic projects under current national policies, high-power energy-saving lamps will usher in a new round of opportunities.
While the country is vigorously promoting a harmonious and energy-saving society, energy-saving lamps, which are no strangers to the industry, are particularly important. The governments around the country have introduced incentives and promotion policies, and adopted specific measures such as propaganda promotion and financial subsidies to push the popularization of energy-saving lamps to a new peak. At the same time, the international community and even the European Union have also issued a number of relevant treaties to promote the use of energy-saving lamps, limiting the use and production of traditional incandescent bulbs. Under the broad prospect of such a market, in the lighting market in 2010, energy-saving lamps will become the mainstream trend of products.
The demand for personalized products will gradually increase. With the increasing number of lamps and the increasingly prominent individualized design styles, consumers have begun to pay attention to the matching of lamps, table lamps, wall lamps, floor lamps and other lamps when purchasing lamps. The lamps in the room are unified in terms of style, color and materials. The demand for personalized lighting is also on the rise. Along with the emphasis on product quality, the growth rate of traditional lighting demand will slow down, and residents' pursuit of individualization of lighting products will increase rapidly.
From the market, the pursuit of individuality has become the primary choice for most consumers. The increasing availability of furniture and lighting in the market has provided consumers with more choices, and the individualized needs of consumers have placed new and higher requirements on the development of lamps, which has led to the development of lighting products in a more humane direction.
Intelligent lighting will become the future trend. Intelligent lighting lighting system has entered our market since the 1990s. Due to the influence of market consumption, market environment, product price and promotion, the trend of its industry development is still slow. . In recent years, with the improvement of people's ability to accept new things, intelligent lighting system has gradually entered the people's sight.
In recent years, with the rapid development of the national economy, especially the rapid development of the real estate industry, the domestic intelligent lighting industry has developed rapidly, and various types of manufacturers have emerged. Various types of enterprises have appeared in the market. Although the current smart lights have not yet formed a large-scale national consumer market, with the deepening of smart products in the Chinese market, smart lamps in the future market will become the trend goods, occupying a wide range of markets and continuous development.

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