Hongli Optoelectronics: Latest Announcement on Progress of Major Asset Restructuring

Hongli Optoelectronics (300219) announced on November 26th that Hongli Optoelectronics issued the "Guangzhou Hongli Optoelectronics Co., Ltd. Announcement on Suspension of Major Events" on September 16, 2014 due to major issues. The company's stock since 2014 9 The trading was suspended on the 16th of the month. On October 13, 2014, the company held the 17th meeting of the second board of directors to deliberate and approve the “Proposal on Agreed to Plan the Major Asset Restructuring of the Company”. The company's shares will continue to be suspended from the market on October 14, 2014.

On November 13, 2014, the company issued the “Announcement on Deferred Resumption of Major Asset Restructuring”. As the relevant preparatory work for this major asset restructuring has not yet been completed, the company applied to the Shenzhen Stock Exchange for an extension of the stock suspension time. The company expects to resume trading and disclose the relevant announcements before December 12, 2014. On November 20, 2014, the company issued the “Announcement on the Progress of Major Asset Restructuring”.

At present, the company and all parties concerned are making every effort to promote various tasks, and intermediaries are still paying close attention to due diligence, auditing and evaluation of related assets involved in restructuring matters. The board of directors of the company will hold a meeting after the completion of relevant work to review the relevant proposals for this major asset restructuring. The company's stock will continue to be suspended, and the company will announce the progress of major asset restructuring matters every week.

Ethernet power supply system is referred to as POE power supply, which consists of Ethernet power supply equipment and Ethernet power equipment. It can transmit data and provide DC power supply to client equipment only through one Ethernet cable, without the need for additional wiring.Gigabit POE Switches are divided into managed and non-managed POE switches ,non-standard POE switches which do not meet the IEEE802.3af/at. and also it has indoor series and outdoor series  with 10/100/1000M input and output port.


1. Can recognize the impedance of the signal. When an input voltage is applied to the device, it must be roughly identified within the defined voltage range. When an ethernet power device pleads for power supply, it first sends out the voltage signal of 2.5V~10V to Ethernet. After detecting the voltage signal, the power facility puts a 23750 ohmic resistor on the power supply circuit, and the current changes with the input voltage. By detecting the current, it is confirmed that there is an effective Ethernet power supply at the Ethernet cable terminal. If the arranged resistance value is in the area of 26250 / 45000 ohms, it is considered that the ethernet equipment is effective but does not need to supply power. Resistive values of other sizes mean that the detected ethernet equipment is useful. 

2. Type. Electricity is equipped with a type of gap, each type corresponding to not a certain current. Analogy, the "0" class of electricity is equipped with a current of 0.5 Ma 4 Ma. When an effective signal is detected by a power supply, it is classified. The specific method is to lift the voltage to 15.5V or 20.5V on the Internet link, so that the Ethernet power equipment loses a static current, and then completes the classification of the power facilities according to the current scale. 

3. Open coherent connection. There are two kinds of switches connected to Ethernet power supply (Poe power supply), one is bipolar crystal switch, which has high utility and low capital, and the other is MOSFET switch, which has extremely high power performance and can be close to 100th.


Suitable for different Ethernet devices such as: IP phone, network security camera, PDA, mobile phone charger, card reader, etc.

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POE Switches

POE Switches

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