Ford launches automotive lighting challenge

Ford launches automotive lighting challenge

According to the US LEFTLANE October 14, Ford has partnered with NextEnergy of the United States to accelerate the research and development of LED lamps for vehicles with the theme of “car lighting challenge”.

The event invited suppliers and other participants to compete under different challenges in order to promote progress in specific areas. The Michigan Economic Development Agency and Detroit and NextEnergy will provide up to $40,000 (approximately RMB 245,000) bonuses for the winners of the Golden Idea in order to create jobs in Michigan.

The "featherweight" challenge requires participants to develop lighting products that radiate the maximum amount of light at the lowest possible weight. Other competitions involve innovative capabilities for large-scale production of light-emitting diodes (LEDs) and organic light-emitting diodes (OLEDs) that can be assembled onto seats and doors, daylight simulation, recycling, and structural integration.

The company pointed out that its new Ford F-150 pickup headlights, exterior rearview mirror lights and cargo lights using LED, and Ford Mustang brake lights, lights and taillights are completely LED.

The challenge will be held on November 19 at the Advanced Lighting Conference in Michigan, Lansing, Michigan, USA. Winners will be selected in the second half of next year.

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