PCB, IC design, NB will play Q4 leader

After the storm of the international economic market in August, the market entered the Q4 with a conservative and avoiding atmosphere. However, as long as the international economic situation can stabilize, the Q4 can still bring good performance to the electronics industry, especially PCB and IC design. The NB industry will play the role of leader and locomotive.

As smart mobile phones and tablet PCs still occupy the current mainstream of market sales, and China’s 11th annual holiday is approaching, it is expected that it will bring attention to the performance of the relevant PCB supply chain and increase the space for upward shipments. The IC design experienced the pressure of inventory correction in the third quarter of the semiconductor industry, but it is beneficial to the long-term development of the entire industry. The market expects that the Q4 capacity utilization ratio of the IC design industry and the gross profit margin are back on track, and it is speculated that the IC design industry will vote after September. The volume will rebound. Compared to smartphones and tablet PCs with a booming momentum, the NB industry has experienced the decline of the industry and finally waited for the launch of the Ultrabook, a long-term, high-performance laptop. Turning to the market, the market believes that it will inject strength into the weak NB industry this year and the outlook is promising.

An isolator is a two-port device that transmits microwave or radio frequency power in one direction only. It is used to shield equipment on its input side, from the effects of conditions on its output side; for example, to prevent a microwave source being detuned by a mismatched load.

An isolator is a product which a termination resistor is connected to any one of the terminals of the three terminals of a circulator, as shown in Fig. In this Fig., the termination resistor is connected to terminal â‘¢. High-frequency signal that has entered from the terminal â‘  is transmitted to the terminal â‘¡ with minimal loss, as in the case of circulator. 

But the high-frequency signal that has entered from the terminal â‘¡ is absorbed by the termination resistor connected to the terminal â‘¢, and is almost not transmitted to â‘ . Ideally, the reflection from the termination resistor is ""0"", but normally there is some mismatch and the power due to the mismatch is input to the terminal â‘¢, and is transmitted to terminal â‘  similarly as in the circulator.

As in the Fig., the power absorbed by the termination resistor is converted into heat and is eventually discharged to the outside (air).Usually, since the isolator is a two-terminal component, so when you look from outside it appears that the power that has entered the terminal â‘¡ is consumed in the isolator and only a small part of it is transmitted to the terminal

Rf Isolator

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