LED companies in Japan and other companies have reached the first purchase amount of about 30 million US dollars.

On November 29th, a total of 13 LED architectural lighting companies from Japan and Turkey came to Taiwan for the first time. The Taiwan LED factory included 36 companies including Yiguang, Guangbao and Nanya Optoelectronics. The organizer of the Ministry of Economic Affairs promoted the Green Trade Project Office, pointing out that the potential purchase amount of the building lighting manufacturers totaled about 30 million US dollars.

It is understood that the manufacturers coming to Taiwan are all architectural lighting factories. Most of them hope to come to Taiwan to find LED manufacturers who can cooperate with lighting source design. Therefore, unlike the so-called "OEM orders" that emphasize the bidding, many Taiwan LED factories are interested in participating.

The co-organizer ITRI pointed out that Japanese and Turkish architectural lighting manufacturers have strong design and export capabilities, especially in Turkey, which is located in the European, Asian and non-traffic hubs. It is a good overseas layout for Taiwan LED industry. s Choice.

The Japanese representative of the purchasing group, Kobayashi, is a popular development organization for LED light sources in Japan. At present, the organization has more than 1,000 members engaged in the design, installation and LED lighting manufacturing of practical applications, and completed with Korea last year. The LED Association signed the MOU and established a good relationship between the LED industry associations. This time, Kobayashi said that he hopes that the Taiwanese industry can participate in the standardization of LEDs in East Asia.

As the penetration rate of LED lighting will exceed 25% next year and the market size will reach 15 billion US dollars, it will grow by 20% compared with the size of about 12.5 billion US dollars this year. The market opportunity can be expected. Ye Weifu, chairman of Yiguang, said yesterday that Taiwan should hurry. Building a brand, the future of the world will not be taken away by the mainland or South Korea.

Ye Haofu pointed out that because Taiwan's LED downstream industry and the mainland have high overlap, it is not a good choice if the road to OEM is continued. He believes that even if the penetration rate of LED lighting in the world is gradually increasing, the road of lighting brand is still very hard. However, if Taiwan does not establish a brand and only does OEM, it will not be able to compete with international manufacturers.

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