What to pay attention to in the installation of carbon crystal wall

What to pay attention to in the installation of carbon crystal wall Carbon crystal wall heating plate adopts imported carbon crystal as heating element, which is made of high temperature and hot pressing. Its safety is not insulated flame retardant grade (94V-0), pressure resistance (3750V/min), heat conversion rate is high More than 98% is the highest "electricity-hot" conversion rate discovered so far. Its raw materials conform to ROHS standards and no harmful substances are released. It is a true safety, energy-saving, and environmentally-friendly heating product.

Installation Notes:

1. Wall positioning borehole 2, upper expansion pipe/bolt (bolt exposed wall 5mm)

3. Align the hole position with the carbon crystal plate 4, connect the wiring (sub-busbar plug), install the temperature control 5, power test test method: a. check the line is connected wrong b. check the thread head is enough to wrap c. check each piece Whether the board is hot or not D. If there is no abnormality, use the safety precautions:

1. Wall heating should be used according to the rated voltage, otherwise it will affect the life of the appliance.

2. When using wall heating, do not put your hands or body directly near the wall heating plate, let alone children close to the heating plate to avoid burns.

3, should cut off the power when not in use.

4. It is forbidden to use any object to cover the carbon crystal wall warmer.


1. Do not connect the plug to the socket directly before cleaning or unassembled.

2. Keep the carbon crystal walls away from dust, fuzz, etc., and cut off the power when cleaning.

Do not attempt to open the carbon crystal wall for warm cleaning. When cleaning, wipe it dry with a rag with a cleaning agent. Do not use any abrasive or solvent-cleaning surface that will damage the surface.


1. This product must be reliably grounded.

2. Once the thermostat is damaged, it must be replaced by professionals.

3. Users are not allowed to dismantle and replace the internal parts of the carbon crystal wall warmer and thermostat. If there is a fault, they must contact the sales point for repair.

4. The functional structure is subject to change without prior notice. The actual product shall prevail.

With the development of science and technology, people's constant pursuit of vision, the display effect requirements are higher and higher, especially in the use of specific occasions, such as the wall is arc, to do cylindrical or wave shape, etc., Flexible LED Display can meet and achieve the effect of the best choice.

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Flexible Led Screen Product features: PCB is made of soft PCB material, which can be bent back and forth at will, seamlessly spliced between modules, with smooth appearance, no block feeling, good flatness, hard LED module can not meet the requirements, installed with magnet, which can be maintained back and forth, simple maintenance, synchronous and asynchronous broadcast are supported.

Application scenarios: the screen can be as thick as 12mm, the module size is small, and the application scenarios are wide, such as curved surface display cabinet, shopping mall cylinder, bar, hospital, stadium, etc., which can also be made into curved mirror screens to facilitate movement and handling.

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Structure and product principle: the module adopts line link and 5V low-voltage power supply to support vehicle power supply. It can be played synchronously or asynchronously. Can also be made in the factory according to customer requirements, the corresponding box structure, splicing customer requirements of the shape. Save the trouble of customers doing structure. The application of LED soft module is generally based on the requirements of modeling, showing the flexible beauty. In order to meet the viewing requirements of customers from different angles, the company adopts the latest packaging technology, 360 ° without dead angle, color without distortion, gorgeous, and high reduction degree. The LED soft module circuit board of our company adopts vertical design. In the bending process, the line is kept on, the signal is not dropped, and the light is not dropped.

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Note: because the screen is a soft module, it is spliced according to the structure, so in the process of making the structure, the precision of the structure is very high. The structure adopts iron material, which is convenient for magnet adsorption.

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