The price of sapphire crystal rods rose by 10%. The downstream substrate benefited a lot.

[High- tech LED reporter Long Zonghui] Recently, according to a sapphire crystal growth industry, the price of the sapphire crystal rod used for the preparation of 2 inches in April has slightly increased. The price of the crystal rod has been 2.8-2.9 yuan/mm from the original. Micro rose to the current 3.1-3.2 yuan / mm. This is the first time that the price of the upstream ingot has fallen since the sapphire substrate dropped from the high of $30 to $7.

“The increase is not large, but it brings some confidence to the sapphire crystal growth, equipment and cutting and grinding industry chain enterprises,” said the source.

Last year, the sapphire substrate was affected by many factors such as the downturn in the downstream industry and the European debt crisis. The price of 2-inch substrates has been eroding.

"In the beginning of the year, the amount of sapphire orders has improved, and customer orders have a tendency to increase. It is expected that sales and prices will continue to rise in the next three months," said Guo Yuebo, director of marketing at Tiantong (600330.SH).

Wang Wei, deputy general manager of Dongjing Optoelectronics, also said that the substrate market seems to have improved this year, probably because of the recovery of the sapphire industry after a long period of low.

Zhang Xiangxin, director of the domestic business department of Suzhou Haibo Crystal, believes that the slight increase is due to the gradual release of the demand for the backlight market last year and the gradual release of the indoor lighting market.

Jufei Optoelectronics achieved operating revenue of 139 million yuan in the first quarter, according to the latest quarterly results report of the two major domestic backlight manufacturers, Ruifeng Optoelectronics (300241.SZ) and Jufei Optoelectronics (300303.SZ). , an increase of 42.64% over the same period of the previous year of 97.123 million yuan. Ruifeng Optoelectronic Express reported that its net profit attributable to shareholders of listed companies is expected to be 7.96 million yuan - 8.96 million yuan, an increase of 60% -80% over the same period of the previous year.

In terms of lighting applications, Sun Yong, general manager of Sunshine Lighting (600261.SH), also said in an interview with Gaogong LED reporter that the sales of Sunlight LED lighting in 2012 was about 400 million yuan, accounting for the proportion of the company's lighting performance. 15%, the scale of the lighting application market is gradually increasing.

In addition to the market's objective and positive stimulus, in order to expand the new application market for sapphire substrates, many companies began to actively expand mobile phone screens or lens cover projects at the end of last year. However, since only Apple has introduced the sapphire substrate to the screen of the mobile phone, the pulling action is not obvious.

However, some companies have questioned the persistence of the current price increase of sapphire crystal rods. According to Tan Jianling, vice president of sales of Jiangsu Tongren Electronics Co., Ltd., the sapphire crystal rods will have a slight increase in the first half of the year, but prices will tend to fall in the second half of the year.

The reporter learned from some domestic sapphire substrate manufacturers that the current price of 2-inch sapphire substrates is still at a low level of US$7, while the manufacturers of sapphire crystal growth furnaces and rear-stage cutting and polishing equipment have not experienced substantial sales growth.

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