Tablet CES on the big set

iPad has created a miracle tablet, other manufacturers have flocked and hope to share a share in this emerging market. A week later at the CES 2011 exhibition, we will see the appearance of up to 70 different tablet products.

Craig Ellis, chief analyst at US securities firm Caris & Company, predicted that at least 69 tablets will appear on the show. According to the core processor division, there will be 18 models based on Intel Atom platform, NVIDIA Tegra can also occupy 14 models, 10 models of Freescale, and 6 models of Texas Instruments. In addition, Qualcomm and Marvell also have the opportunity to show their faces. .

Intel Moorestown/Oak Trail Atom platform will obviously have a very eye-catching performance, based on this Tablet PC products will be very rich, but other vendors, including NVIDIA are basically relying on the ARM architecture, adding up far more than Intel. Analysts pointed out that in order to really compete with ARM, Intel also needs to use the next-generation Medfield with a new 32nm process as soon as possible, but according to previous news, the new platform has been postponed to the second half of next year.

Craig Ellis also predicts that the global sales of tablet computers will reach 54 million next year, of which Apple iPad will occupy as many as 36 million, and it is considered that the only Samsung Galaxy Tab that can compete with it is only 8 million, and in addition “Marvell, The market size that other vendors such as NVIDIA, Qualcomm, and Texas Instruments can support may be much smaller than investors expected."

Another problem is that although various manufacturers are now desperately displaying their own tablet products, most of them are stuck on paper or just samples. There are very few truly available products. where.

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