Suitable for families that don’t require high levels and don’t like tossing: Extreme Z4X smart projector to get started

Renovated the house in 2005, at the time did not consider the projector this thing, only to consider the LCD TV wall. Have to admit that the development of science and technology in recent years is too fast, first TV box popular (my home has removed the GuangDang top box), and then a variety of smart TV, and now even the projectors are coming together, especially domestic brands, are Run smart.

At first I was scoffing at this kind of smart projector, because they were mainly small size, LED light bulbs, and the brightness was a barrier that could not be passed. Compared with the brightness ratio of large projectors with 1500-2000, the difference in brightness is obvious.

In the past six months, BenQ's W1070+ seems to be a regular customer worth buying. Seeing the parameters and comments, it is a bit too long. But the renovation of 10 years ago, there is no reserve power, HDMI cable is a bad injury, even if I put a box in the projector to solve the video signal line problem, as well as the power cord to toss is not (What is my film source Is not pursued, so the video source of the box + wireless router provides video storage for mobile hard disk, which is enough for me to use). Therefore, it has been dragging. It is not just necessary anyway.

On that day, visiting Wanda with his wife and children, in a digital store, he saw the demonstration of a smart projector. The model on the spot was Z4Air. The lights in the store were still quite bright, and it was quite clear that they were cast on a small desktop screen. See my interest in this product, but also questioned the small size of the projection screen naturally bright, enthusiasm of the clerk took us to run next to the fire stairs to put. There was a ceiling light, a bit like the effect of pulling curtains during the day. I didn't expect that the 2-meter-wide screen could actually be seen on the white wall. With a price of more than 2K, my wife was a little tempted.

After returning home, I searched the internet. Extreme meters are the most popular brands in domestic smart projectors, and their models are also quite a few. In addition to the Z4Air seen in the shop, there are Z4X and Z4 Aurora and so on. Taking into account the real machine and the results seen in the meters, and other brands are not necessarily known in terms of reputation, word-of-mouth, cost-effective, etc., so the smart projector basically consider this brand.

In contrast, I found that Z4Air is not my best choice. The price is cheaper than 500, brightness, CPU, GPU, storage, and Z4X gap is obvious. The Z4 Aurora, I am concerned about the parameters of the brightness of more than 20 ANSI, what other voice remote control, trapezoidal correction, not for me, the entire expensive 1000, did not have to engage in ah.

Then consider the next BenQ 1070 +, the other is not, the fuselage + line, pylons and other transformation costs, more expensive than the Z4X about 3500, even if the sea Amoy also expensive to about 3,000, equivalent to doubled. Considering time and again, the Z4Air's brightness is barely acceptable, and the Z4X should be OK, and decided to play with the entire Pico Projector. In case you are really addicted, you may get back to your bedroom and even move back to your hometown to play with Father, and then you will have a big projector and a cabling transformation.

Looking back at Aunt, crying no tears. Is this anti-day activity price going to wait until I double 11 this year? Give a price of around 2500 or so. Originally thinking that H1 would be listed, it would be a good idea if you would like to promote something. On that day, after letting go of the price of bare metal at 2699 and missing out on the festival of 50 half-price spikes, I completely collapsed, and the direct 2799-30 coupon + 12-period white articles were interest-free and hand-picked.

The following is ready to enter the official singling session. Mainly divided into three parts, out of the box, tossing the curtain, viewing effects. Out of the box and the viewing effect, in fact, there have been a lot of drying alone, and some plans are not filmed, focusing on some of their own feelings; tossing screen is for the selection and installation of the curtain of my house, hoping to give some other people reference.

Key Note: I am a projection white, the projector will know the basic operation; watching a movie to the theater or the next 1G more than the kind of 720P MKV / RMVB, family watching serials, variety shows direct magic video, can be said to be complete No fever. Home by a mini-migration mini+ mobile hard disk to achieve LAN sharing, listening to the sound is a wooden ear, the most luxurious speaker is to follow the trend of the Dafa X5, but also basically idle.

The outer box is basically intact and there are some bumps. In general, this bump will not have major problems.

The meter seems to have something to do with It's embarrassing. I'm half a meter and I don't have the demand for JD Micro.

Open the outer box, completely relieved. There was a thick airbag inside to protect the formal box. This airbag is estimated to be custom-made and exactly sized. I left the airbag, but I don't know what to do with it...

This simple style of packaging, I am very satisfied. It has been supported by a number of Internet brand technology products, and now it is very difficult to get used to colorful luxury packaging.

The first impression is critical, Z4X's design is OK, the top disc is also very unique. But, after spending a few days, I turned off 3D gestures. This function is basically useless, but it can cause misoperation when I move the machine.

This card is worth a lot of money, but I will tell you that I haven’t recharged yet? Lazy is one of them. Magic video These third-party apps basically meet the needs of my family. I'm recharged for bored days, so I can expire later, haha.

First of all to Tucao, the remote control bag. Such a beautiful box, such a beautiful machine, such a beautiful frosted protection bag, you actually use transparent plastic to seal, know how difficult to remove it? This point hopes to improve.

Hard disk fixing screw 4 (including 2 spares), this detail has another one, @$@%@@!$. In other words, Komi official recommends installing SSD to prevent the mechanical hard disk from being damaged due to vibration. This proposal is really unclear as to whether it is good or bad. I only know that if I want to install hard drives in the future, I definitely buy's self-supported long-term mechanical hard drives. After you say that old Liu needs to know, I cut it down to see if I cut the meter.

Accessories family portrait. The huge transformer...I bought a laptop? By the way, Z4Air actually comes with its own battery, if the Z4X also supports, or support mobile power supply just fine. In my home situation, the Lagen power cord is still quite annoying. Just 19V/4.74A input requirements, completely let me give up. There are also benefits. After the 7-year Lenovo Y450 is retired from the codeword, its transformer can be used as a standby transformer for the Z4X.

There are some jumps. Let's look at the adapter.

It is said that at the time of crowdfunding, Kamiyama did not have an adapter plate and was sprayed. Fortunately, it was later corrected and became standard. Three fixing screws are placed on the three holes of the adapter plate, so you don't have to worry about losing it. Not bad.

I heard that H1 did not provide a transfer tray. This is this...

After the adapter plate is installed, the three knobs and horizontal adjustment knobs on the original body can be screwed into the original fixing screws of the adapter plate to facilitate storage. It's hard to say because the rubber hats are bigger and the three are close together. You spin one of them, and the other two will have the effect of a gear-like bite, rotating in the opposite direction...

Tripod out of the house, found another problem when installing. The tripod is equipped with quick plate. After the quick plate is used, one of the three rubber cap screws must be removed (the red circle position and the side is excluded). At this time, I thought that I could put the screw hole for storage on the yellow circle in the figure above, so that there would be no interference.

Later I discovered another problem, that is, if I do not use a tripod, the adapter plate is placed directly on the table or on the plane. It is not very stable (trigeminal structure). So my advice to Mimi is: The adapter plate can be designed in the shape of a field, with the fixing screws at the four corners, the receiving screws at four sides, and the tripod holes in the middle. In this way, the table can be placed directly and smoothly without removing the adapter plate; and the receiving screw is located on the four sides and does not interfere with the position of the tripod hole.

On the front, it's pretty. Irregular sound holes may also double as intake holes and have not been carefully studied. What kind of harman/kardon audio, originally I was not interested in, what the horn integrated in the machine can have, and the sound is not sent from the screen position, certainly uncomfortable. Unexpectedly, when I put the projector on the coffee table, when people sit on the sofa watching the video, I found that the sound quality is not bad, and do not feel that the sound is released from the projector, do not feel uncomfortable. This should be liked.

Take a look at the big eyes of the projector. It looks pretty from this point of view. There was something in the top right corner of the photo. At the beginning, I thought that there was a problem with the quality of the lens glass. I was scared to death. It was all blown away.

Here again Tucao lens barrier. Originally the lens baffle when the mechanical switch design is very good, a dual purpose, but the baffle switch when the feel ... ... Please, it is official quoted fast 3k products, good, not a little damping, is a piece of board stuck in The feeling in the tank failed.

The rear is a variety of interfaces and outlets. When you project, put your hand on the air outlet, and the warm wind comes out. It seems that the heat is not small. But the fan's noise control is very good, basically does not affect the movie, sitting a meter away simply can not hear.

The input section has two HDMI, one AV, one USB3.0, and one USB2.0. I personally feel that if it is more convenient to provide an HDMI output (in case there is any scene projection is not convenient, but there is a TV, you can use as a TV box)? In addition, why not provide two USB3.0 directly?

The output part, mainly on a headphone port, a person can not see the family.

Of course, it is also mentioned that the machine supports Bluetooth 4.0. I just put the Dafa X5 at home under the projection screen and use Bluetooth as the audio. There was no delay in the measured sound, and it was enough to enjoy the film.

Turn on the power, the red pointer on the top black turntable (simulating the magnetic arm of the old player) will actually glow red, a bit of meaning, and add a lot to the overall design.

Overall, the Z4X's shape I can give 90, lost points is the feel of the lens baffle. The adapter is a functional drop and give it a pass.

Turn on the camera and watch the camera glow, bright and shiny. What ghosts, stripes are so serious, this is strobe? ? ? Pit father, ah, to understand it.

The projection screen has to be sized so that it can be bought again. The first time I touched the remote control, I still had to pair it. I don't know why it was designed. This is the daytime, the curtains did not pull, and the blue pattern cast out clarity.

The UI home page of the meter, this brightness is very general. However, if you put on the curtains, the brightness is acceptable, will be mentioned later.

What kind of settings in the middle, we go to see other people's sunbathe, not worry.

The day that the machine was taken was just a chick's birthday and she called a wave of classmates to play at home. Simply put a movie for them at night, it is difficult for their necks (the LCD TV is under the background wall, only the half). Turn off the lights at home in the evening, the effect is good, this is basically a relief.

The end of the sun single chapter, the following talk about the curtain first.

I bought a projector and I wanted to buy it now. The size of the projection screen is best tested under insurance, if buying a big buy a small, all trouble. Facts have proved that my idea is correct; unfortunately, the final calculation error is still a bit inadequate, said later.

This is the wall of the living room. The width of the yellow wall is 250 cm. If you count the glass on the left and the wood on the right, the width is more than 3 meters. Everyone says that since the purchase of a projector has made the curtain as large as possible, is it really true?

The distance from the wall behind the sofa to the background wall is about 4m and more than 5m. Considering that there are sofa backrests and sitting positions, the actual viewing distance is about 4 meters. We used the projector to test videos we often watch, including APP variety shows, series, documentaries, movies, and movies we have downloaded. We found that the maximum acceptable projection width is also about 250 cm. The most appropriate is 230 cm like this. Again, the eyeballs turn around, but it's hard to accept.

It will be used later in this picture, but here is to illustrate the size selection. The width of the curtain in this figure is 250 cm. The available projection width is 242 cm (4 cm for the left and right sides). The projected image on the map is 225 cm. We think that the usual 225 cm is almost the same, watching a widescreen movie, using 242 cm to vote relatively cool.

Taking into account the 250 cm yellow wall background, if the curtain is smaller than the background wall, the exposed yellow edge is more ugly. Therefore, it was decided that the curtain would be made 250 centimeters (even black and white) and the corresponding size would be 112 inches.

The yellow background wall of my home has a glass on the left and a wood shape on the right. The ceiling of the calcium silicate board is on the top and the electric curtain shell is 271 centimeters. That means no matter if it is wall hanging or hanging, it will not work... unless I buy it. The electric curtain is within 250 cm of the enclosure. Because the lamp trough between the yellow wall and the ceiling of the calcium silicate board is wood, there is not enough space in the lamp trough, but I can hang it directly outside the light trough.

How to do? Remove the LCD TV, direct wall? The TV still needs to see, and the living room is where the chick and her classmates play wii. It is impossible to remove the TV. After much deliberation, I can only sacrifice some of my beauty and think of ways to do an extension frame, wall hanging curtains (lifting holes in the ceiling, too much trouble).

The figure above is a reconstruction plan. The figure should understand. The hole in the wall of the curtain wall is almost the same as the length of the shell. Therefore, the added piece of wood must not be just right. Let it stay at least two centimeters. The screw cannot hit the edge. After calculation, it would have been better to extend 11.5 centimeters to the left and right, and finally to 15 centimeters to ensure safety. Exposed 15 cm, I gave a 25 cm thick yellow wall background, so the board is more difficult to disperse, do not worry about the curtain too heavy down (more than a dozen kilograms ah). The length of this plank is 40 cm.

At the entrance to the district selling anti-corrosion wood, he spent 20 bucks to buy a piece of wood, 10 centimeters wide and 1.8 centimeters thick. For the sake of me, I will nail two pieces of wood together, with a thickness of 3.6 cm, and there will be a missing piece. The following will know.

The pit of woodwork on the right side of my TV wall is shaped like a wooden piece. This product is about 1.8 centimeters taller than the light socket... so I had to make such a nondescript shape.

There are two stacks of wood on the right side, and the left side has to be stacked together.

In the final plan, after the electric curtain is attached, it should cover most of the wood. Only the left and right sides will show some. Prepare to engage behind blocks of white acrylic plates to hide ugliness. Since my lamp slot protrudes about 10 cm more than the yellow background wall, and the two planks of the pad are 3.6 cm again, the curtain is lowered to naturally block the TV on the wall and will not be encountered. How witty I am.

Sun drying curtain. The curtain is the first to come, and the wood was only sawn after it was sized, but I arranged it for departure. There is more fake goods from the owner of the horse, high imitation red leaf curtains, custom 112-inch, I left the black side 60 cm (standard 30 cm, not enough), the power cord to the right, lengthen the power cord, white glass fiber A total of 480 ocean shipping.

Ask me to buy white glass fiber for you? A group of people on the Internet said that white plastic is worse than white glass fiber, and what gray glass fiber and metal screen is too expensive, it is naturally white glass fiber. A feeling after buying back: If the white wall of the house is not in the way, the area is enough for projection, then the white wall is OK!

Hey, completely forgot that the packaging of this product was nearly 3 meters long. The result was laughed by the chick and said that I was a sand monk! Fortunately, I didn't buy a lift room, otherwise if I live in more than a dozen floors, this is almost the same as my life.

Do not say that although it is high imitation, but the packaging work is like a decent. The outermost layer is a hard and thick plastic protective film that should be a machine package, professional. There is a bumper block of Pearl Sponge that does not damage the hand. Unfortunately, when it was installed at the back, I put a head on the stool to measure the size, and the iron shell was deformed by the stool....

I thought that the bosses were bluntly imitation and would not be labelled. Who knows that actually posted a red leaf over the ... ... that, you help to see, authentic Ciye that Cixi it? Can I complain about fake goods and buy a compensable ten?

I know this guy is electric, but I did not expect to actually have a wireless remote control, to earn a ... ... 600W of power is actually scared me, a motor actually has 600W, not science, ah, do not understand.

The remote control is directly tied to the chick toy shelf, right next to the sofa, for easy control. Here to give a bad review, the key up and down are not marked.

Finally hung up, hey, yes, it doesn't seem so ugly. Well, this is a distant look. The curtain brochures said that we must pay attention to the level of the problem, but unfortunately there is no laser level at home, and the kind of bubble is not allowed. With the ruler facing the ceiling for a long time, and under the assumption that the horizontal error of the ceiling does not exceed 0.5 cm, I believe that the horizontal error I hang will not exceed 1 cm. A difference of 1.7 meters in length is 1 cm. It should not be seen.

Look, the left and right sides show up quite a lot. In particular, the board width was previously selected for 10 centimeters, and it was found to be exactly 8 centimeters after installation. Less than two centimeters, the following will not be exposed at all, because the perspective of the above problems can not be seen at all, so that only left and right sides are exposed, and get a little wall paint brush just fine.

The power cord of the curtain was just hidden by me into the side light socket. Only the shell left some, and the wall was more beautiful. In other words, the screen is stinking, and it is necessary to come down and dry for a few days to taste.

The curtain problem was finally solved and the projections were officially seen.

For what I said earlier, a white wall at home can save the money. In this photo, I put half of the curtain on the screen, and the lower half is a yellow background wall. It looks like there is no difference in the rough, especially at night. If it is a white background wall, the estimated effect is really not bad. No way, in order to retain the TV, or installed the curtain.

Summarize the experience of using the meter system and do not explain it. Boot into the system speed is very OK, can enter the desktop within twenty seconds, is the ad trouble; third-party APP needs to be installed on the phone "no screen assistant" APP, and then pushed to the projector installation; if no screen assistant comes with the application market If you can't find the app you want (like Beckham), just download it on your phone and select APK to install it. The self-contained resource manager can smoothly access the mobile hard disk storage of the mini router mini.

Turn off the lights at night to see if the effect is OK, the projection brightness is enough, very satisfied.

Two more days, pull the curtains, the effect is acceptable. My curtains are not fully shaded. Sliding doors are not closed. If the sliding doors and curtains are pulled tight, the effect will be better. (I have a layer of cheap sun visor on the sliding door glass, which will block some light). It can also be seen from this picture that the aspect ratio of 16:10 has led to the black and white edges of many series and variety videos.

I don't know why I didn't make a 16:9 ratio. Now many movies are 16:9. Although the official propaganda says that 16:10 is compatible with 16:9, projector screens can be used in the future, but in fact, if the 16:9 projector is replaced, there will be white edges on the screen, affecting the visual effects.

This figure can also be seen, if I put the projection size on the previously envisaged 230 cm or so, my 112-inch screen, exposed around the white edge, also affect the viewing effect.

Moreover, I ignored one problem when calculating the required size of the screen: I was on a yellow background wall when the test machine was installed. After the curtain was installed, it was ten centimeters out of the wall. It was equivalent to a short projection distance. Come in the centimeter (the viewing distance is also shorter by ten centimeters). Sitting close to ten centimeters, the size of the 112-inch curtain was big. Taking into account the influence of the angle between the two eyes, in fact, I may be as long as the 110-inch screen, you can block the yellow background wall ... Well, tolerate it

The Z4X only has a resolution of 1,280,800, and a friend reminded me that this smart projector uses a diamond-shaped pixel, which is not effective. Little white one, this is not very clear, I feel there is no problem sitting afar. Standing close to the observation, this time understand. Looking at the picture, the edges are jagged and the image particles are very serious.

Let's take a look at two more. On the left is the phenomenon of purple fringing. The right side is diamond-shaped sawtooth. Diamond pixel text display problems more prominent, after all, the text is still more horizontal and vertical, and diamond-shaped pixels, are all sawtooth ah.

Fortunately, when we actually look at the projections, we are far apart and we are not demanding, so the impact can be ignored. If you mind a friend, or choose 1080P resolution (Himi just out of the H1 is 1080), of course, not bad money is best on a large projector.

Suddenly discovered the first two days, if you turn off the power for a few hours and then boot, the projection screen on the left like a layer of fog, it will take several minutes to disappear. I was scared to death, and I quickly ran to ask customer service. The customer service may say that there may be moisture on my side for several days. Let the machine run for a few minutes by evaporation of heat and water vapor. In the end is this not the case, to observe the period of time, these days just happen to rain ... ...

I hope that the meter can solve the problem of high humidity, I have never seen the company's projector will be afraid of high humidity.

In addition, I found that this projector has a "leakage band" phenomenon (the name of my own, do not know how to say).

Look closely at the top and left sides of the box on the picture. Outside the blue projection screen, there is a circle of light with a very low brightness of a few centimeters, and then there is a white curtain bottom (in order to see clearly, I put the projector on Closer, not full of curtains). The feeling is that the bulb lighting area will be larger than the picture.

This picture is a trapezoidal correction that deliberately adjusts the projection screen to a trapezoidal picture. As you can see, the band has become wider. In other words, the lighting area of ​​the bulb has not changed, but the screen has become trapezoidal.

This is the use of the infinite zoom function, the picture deliberately reduced shot. The light band is even more pronounced. The same light bulb lighting area has not changed, but the picture has become smaller.

If the trapezoidal correction or zoom function is used in an all-black environment, the “leakage band” phenomenon will be noticeable. This results in a visually imperfect keystone or infinite zoom function. Do not want to do this, can only try not to use keystone correction and zoom function ... crying.

I remember the company's big projector, it seems that there will be no such phenomenon. Is it that the trapezoidal correction and zooming function of large projectors really realize "optical adjustment" by adjusting the lens, and the pole meter realizes "digital adjustment" by adjusting the picture output? Do you understand scientific people?

I bought a projector that supports 3D. How can I not watch 3D movies? Mmi original glasses 199 oceans, it is reluctant to. Again to the owner of the horse to buy cottage goods, many are between the price of 50-70, of course, more expensive also. I heard that this stuff is not a high-tech product. In fact, the effect of a knockoff product is almost the same as that of finding a single order. The other party also claims to be its own brand. A pair of glasses 65 yuan, three pairs went fast 200 yuan.

The glasses got their hands and instantly regretted that they should buy 50 yuan, in fact, the same things are replaced, plus a sticker.

3D effect, yes, but definitely not as good as in a movie theater. In the Extreme Rice Forum, the HD version of the Madagascar Penguin, which claims to have a good screen effect, is just like that. When you borrow a very original comparison of meters to see if it is indeed the virtue.

In addition to the current 3D film source space (1080P of a 15G up and down, silly), the screen ratio is a problem, good and bad. Looking a few at a glance, the scale of Iron Man is distorted, and Longmen Flying A is looking at the top of the picture. (There are problems with on-demand and downloading.)

Forget it, anyway, most of the 3D movies I still will enter the theater to see, at home and occasionally turn old films out to add 3D addiction, ordinary movies look like 2D.

Finally, the self-tug is placed under the current projector. Lifting, wall hangings must be wired, and the projection size is too large, we are ready to put on the coffee table, anyway, we do not replace the TV with a projector, and occasionally see it.

Tried, the height of the plastic chair frame is just right, and the projector horizontal projection does not need to use trapezoidal correction, and then look back to see if there is any more suitable thing to raise. The power cord is ready to put a plug-in board under the sofa, when you see it. Still that sentence, do not want too much toss, anyway, the home is already messy enough ... ....

Finally summarize the advantages and disadvantages:


Basic enough for brightness, look OK at night, can also be accepted after pulling curtains during the day

The built-in Android system is fast and easy to use

Good value, no noise

Projection is relatively small, suitable for short-distance users who want to cast a large size


The lens cover is too loose to work and the transfer tray is not very convenient

720P resolution + diamond pixels, destined to only play far away

16:10 odd aspect ratio

Keystone correction and infinite zoom, the feeling is "digital adjustment", around the leak zone

Fear of moisture, once the side of the re-emphasis on the moisture is hazy, it takes a few minutes to rely on machine heat to vaporize water vapor

Purchase suggestion

1, for those who do not want to toss, require low entry users, white users, 3500 yuan to get the projector, curtain, three pairs of glasses, enough to addiction

2. After the projector is first bought and tested, the screen size will be decided. It is appropriate not to chase after the projector.

3, there is a suitable white wall at home can buy a curtain

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