Sony KOOV programming robot to China programming really grabbed from the doll?

: On February 16, Sony (China) Co., Ltd. released the KOOV Programmable Educational Robotics Kit in Beijing at a price of RMB 1,799-3,999. In March last year, the robot was unveiled at the South By Southwest SXSW conference. After a year, it finally went on sale in China. The research and development of this robot is Sony International Education Co., which was established in April 2015. The company listed a data at the press conference: 65% of the work that children are now doing when they grow up is now absent. Their exploration spirit and creative ability are particularly important.

KOOV programmable education robot

This robot is for children over 8 years old and hopes that they will master robotic spelling and programming knowledge in the course of each task. KOOV has prepared 22 examples of robots. Children can use the 3D guidelines to fight robots. After programming, there are different programming instructions. According to the instructions, the robot will react differently.

Children are playing robots

On the hardware side, this robot kit is composed of assembled modules, core boards, and transmission-type motors, with components such as LEDs, buzzers, and sensors. On the application, the supported operating environments are Windows 7 or later, macOS 10.9 or later, and IOS9.0 or later.

At present, the problem-solving education method that combines science, technology, and engineering knowledge is popular and more and more parents believe that programming will be a required skill in the future. In addition to Sony, toy companies such as Lego have also introduced programming robots aimed at the children's education market.

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