ROHM Releases 4-Element High Brightness ExceLED Light Series

Japan ROHM introduces the 4-element (AlGaInP) type, the high-brightness, high-reliability "ExceLED" series, and offers six package types. The new products will be available for sampling starting in March 2007, and it is scheduled to start mass production in 10 million units per month from April.

ROHM said that the company's products have always been recognized and adopted by customers in the field of automotive electronics and industrial machinery that value reliability. In particular, ROHM has introduced its "high-brightness device technology and high-precision processing technology", which is a four-element component developed by automotive electronics and industrial equipment, to introduce the "ExceLED" series of products into the general application market. In terms of reliability and brightness, compared with the old products, the brightness is degraded for ten years; the brightness is increased by up to 16 times.

The “ExceLED” series also ensures stable brightness at low currents. It is most suitable for use in battery-driven products such as mobile phones that pursue low power consumption. Available in five colors: green, yellow-green, red, yellow, and orange. At the same time, five kinds of chip LEDs and one kind of LED bulbs are introduced, which are available in six package types. Each package can be used for a long time in a variety of devices.

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