Recalling the hottest IT technology development in 2016

The pace of development of science and technology has always been alarming. From 2016 alone, not only new emerging technologies and concepts, but also many technologies that emerged even ten years ago have shown explosive growth this year. In this article, the author takes the hottest IT technology in 2016 and shares it with you to see if IT technology is moving toward segmentation. Recalling the development of the hottest IT technology in 2016 The eye-catching Docker will not replace the virtual machine. I believe many people know that Docker is a container engine that emerged ten years ago. In 2016, container/Docker received various domestic and foreign Big cloud computing providers and infrastructure providers are eagerly chasing after them, and they even have a tendency to "catch up with the virtual machine." However, although Docker and other container technologies have been around for a long time, they are still not mature enough, especially in terms of isolation and security. Although Docker has an absolute advantage in lightweighting, it is still not mature enough. Enterprises use virtualized containers to complement each other. In the future, there will be no alternative relationship between virtual machines and containers. It should be the main direction. The ideal mesh network is very full 2016 may be called the first year of a mesh network. With the strong support of companies such as Google and Netware, mesh network products are popular in the US market, and the domestic wireless route market seems to remain in the 11ac, even 11n technical state.
From the domestic market point of view, although the mesh network has been popular in foreign countries, but domestic manufacturers have not launched new mesh products. The appearance of the mesh network not only presents a difficult problem for major manufacturers in terms of technology, but also amounts to a considerable amount in R&D investment. Due to the difficulty of capital investment, technical bottlenecks, and difficulty in matching application scenarios, the rapid landing of mesh networks remains difficult. The modularization of servers is more concerned with the "general public" The concept of modularization of servers has long existed and is mainly used in high-end servers to meet the special needs of critical business systems. This year, the modular market has seen a clear trend of sinking. Many domestic companies have come up with low-end server customization services. The main purpose of the server modular sinking is to meet the needs of medium and low-end users. It is expensive to purchase foreign brands, and simple DIY can not meet server performance requirements. Modular design of mid-to-low-end servers can meet the individual needs of enterprises, and it is convenient. Later operation and maintenance. Quantum computing is still the future of science and technology Quantum computing was originally proposed in 1981, and today's quantum computing is mainly due to the emergence of the first commercial quantum computer Dwave and quantum annealing algorithm. However, most quantum problem experts believe that the quantum annealing algorithm can not be regarded as a real quantum computation. Although quantum computing can disregard the current state of computation in terms of power consumption and speed, quantum computing usually requires a specific algorithm and does not have universality. At the same time, from the perspective of current IT technology, the real implementation of quantum computing from distance is Some distance. The zero-IT architecture of microservices has been the hot topic of microservice architecture from all in one to the past two years. The technology has been continuously advancing, and the microservice architect pattern (Microservice Architect Pattern) has been accepted by more and more companies. The service brings: the controllability of complexity, flexibility and scalability, independent deployment and development of targeted, low TCO and other advantages allow microservices to gradually emerge. The concept of integerization adopted by microservices, which decomposes complex IT deployments through functionalization and atomization, forms a loosely coupled component that makes it easier to upgrade and expand. AI is not so easy to wake up and believe that people who have seen sci-fi movies and TV dramas such as "Mechano", "Robot" and "West World" have heard that Google's Alphago has defeated the world Go World champion. I believe it will be the same as Musk. A sense of fear: Will AI rule one day? Judging from the Four Laws of Robotics (additional zeroth law), this concern has already been put on the agenda several decades ago. However, the current AI technology is absolutely incapable of ruling humanity. At the same time, there is Musk et al. OpenAI is also working to open up the deep learning system (open source). With the system and supervision channels, I believe that deep learning and AI technology will serve people in the right direction without a sudden awakening. All Flash Memory Winning Flash memory has an absolute advantage because it reads data differently than mechanical hard disks. The advantages of high-performance, low-latency flash memory, and cost-effectiveness of flash memory make flash memory popular in critical application scenarios such as database applications and VDI applications. For the past, the price of flash memory was too high, also this year, through the total TCO algorithm has been "clarified." For this reason, major storage-related manufacturers at home and abroad have all launched their own all-flash arrays and hope to gain share in the new flash memory market. VR should not be just for entertainment New AR or VR products launched this year are not rare. Most of them focus on games and other consumer areas. However, I believe that the advantages of VR should not only be reflected in the game experience upgrade, but also to achieve human-computer interaction, and even Extending VR to industrial scenarios such as online shopping, high-risk industries, real estate and industrial applications. Of course, the development of VR is also complementary to the technical breakthroughs of GPUs. The true maturity of VR still requires the breakthrough of GPU and other related technologies and the improvement of the ecosystem. The self-driving car is about to start on the train. In 2016, the field of automated driving can be said to be an opportunity for all vendors to drive on the automatic drive. The realization of automatic driving is natural and the maturity of sensors, AI, data analysis and processor. Inseparable. According to predictions of companies such as Google, Baidu, Tesla, Intel, and Nvidia, the earliest 2017, the latest 2021, will be mass production of unmanned vehicles. In order to catch up with the express train of autopilot, many companies have also started the road of acquisitions and cooperation. The layout of the autopilot strategy has already begun. It is too late to get on the train again. 5G is still on the road 4G networks in many rural areas in China have not yet been popularized, but 5G has been unable to bear the loneliness and hopes to gain a place. And 5G can indeed provide lower latency, higher reliability, and higher compatibility while coping with high user peaks. Whether it is the concept of a smart city, or the fieryness of a live video platform, the general trend of the Internet of Things is driving the rapid development of 5G. It is not far in 2020, and 5G is still on the road.

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