Nantong Rugao street lamp realizes LED transformation and saves 280,000 electricity bills throughout the year

Street lamps are the most important part of urban lighting. It not only bears the heavy responsibility of lighting, but also an external manifestation of the image of the city. At present, the 294-inch high-pressure sodium lamps such as the Zhongshan Road in Yuzhong have all been replaced with LED lights.

The reporter saw a construction team that was changing the street lights at an intersection in Rushan East Road. They were putting a modified LED lamp head on a 15-meter-high pole.

It is understood that this is the first streetlight EMC project in Nantong. The government does not have to pay a penny.

As we all know, LED as a new generation of green semiconductor lighting, its advantages are high efficiency, energy saving, long life, low maintenance rate, according to the lighting calculation of 11 hours a day, only Zhongshan East Road can save about 316000kwh per year, 0.88 per kWh Yuan, saving 280,000 electricity bills throughout the year. Not only that, but the retrofitted street lights have also improved in illumination. This is the picture we shot a few days ago. The contrast between the two bypass lights of Zhongshan East Road was very obvious.

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