Intersil 32 x 32 video crosspoint switch

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Intersil, a global leader in the design and manufacture of high-performance analog products, today announced the ISL59532, 32 x 32 video matrix switch. The device is a new switch that integrates four commonly used separate 16 x 16 crosspoint switches to form a 32 x 32 switch matrix (or two 32 x 16 switches). To further save space and reduce cost, the ISL59532 integrates a DC recovery clamp circuit at each input. Each output has a fast OSD (on-screen display) switch that eliminates the need to attach peripherals around the device. The device is ideal for secure video, video switches and routers, KVM (keyboard, monitor, mouse), broadcast video and other video applications.

The ISL59532 is the first of a series of 32 x 16 and 16 x 16 matrix switches. All switches are available in single-ended and differential inputs, and are easily sized for the same pins. Based on these features of the ISL59532, system level design is also easy. The gain of the output amplifier can be individually programmed with a gain of +1 or +2 via the SPI interface. The high-impedance tri-state output uses the same interface, so several 32 x 32 cross-point switches can be connected to form a larger switch matrix.

"Intersil is the first to offer this level of integration in the industry," said Kathryn Tucker, marketing manager for the Intersil video product group. "The ISL59532 has a higher level of integration than competing products, not just the number of input and output channels in the package. It also includes additional features such as DC recovery and fast OSD switching. In addition, the ISL59532 has very small crosstalk (-85dB), which is an important improvement over similar devices in the industry."

Main features of the ISL59532
l 320MHz bandwidth
l 0.025% differential gain (DG) and 0.05 degree differential phase (DP)
l 50MHz gain flatness is 0.1dB
l -85dB crosstalk

Target application
l Security video
l Video switch and router
l broadcast video

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