[High-tech Golden Globe Award] This PCT material breaks the monopoly of foreign countries, and the most eye-catching color stability and low water absorption

With the maturity of the terminal lighting market, the cost control still hampers major packaging factories. This year, many packaging manufacturers have returned to the PCT-based package.

It is understood that the current LED package bracket is mainly composed of plastic, copper, and electroplating. The key to heat conduction depends on the material of the plastic (PPA, PCT, EMC). The quality of the bracket material directly determines the quality of the packaged product. Its importance.


In 2014, Zhongsu New Materials completed the research and development of this PCT material, and its birth broke the long-term monopoly of foreign countries.

According to the person in charge of the new plastic materials, "this new PCT material is far superior to the existing PPA materials in the high temperature environment, high temperature long-term yellowing, reflectivity, UV irradiation."


Most importantly, it can achieve unmatched color stability and low water absorption of other similar materials, and can be used for large outdoor LED screens, indoor lighting and 3C consumer electronics to achieve good environmental adaptability.

Market competitiveness of this new PCT material:

1. Take the lead in filling the blank of industrialized production of high-demand PCT materials in China, and its technology has reached the international leading level.

2. The product reflectivity is improved, and the lumen of the lamp is higher under the same conditions, and the brightness is stronger.

3, more cost-effective.

4. The delivery period is shorter.

5, can provide personalized customization services.

At present, PCT materials for new plastic materials have been tested and applied in packaging factories such as Leitong, Smect, Ruifeng, Yuanlei and Yiguang, and have been well received by customers.

About China Plastics New Materials:

"China Plastics" means "Chinese plastics, China's shaping." Based on the ideal of enriching the country and strengthening the people, and relying on the desire to build a national brand, Zhongsu has always been committed to promoting the development and innovation of Chinese plastics, shaping the national brand in the spirit of the creators, and making progress towards the world-class brands.

After years of development, China Plastics has become a comprehensive national high-tech enterprise in the research, development, production and sales of engineering plastics and special new materials. It has a number of comprehensive and well-developed R&D and production bases and marketing service networks, which can quickly respond to customer needs and accelerate. Order processing, shorten production and delivery schedules, improve the success rate of design and development, provide customers with convenient and efficient service and support, and ensure the overall improvement of customer operating efficiency and overall value. With a good business reputation and excellent product and service quality, and its product trademarks have a high reputation and brand value in the industry.

Adhering to the development concept of “exploiting and innovating to shape the future”, Zhongsu continues to explore and innovate in the field of new materials, and is determined to build first-class brands and top enterprises in the industry.

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