Halogen xenon lamp LED headlight technology is very high

Car headlights are like the eyes of a car, the only guide and attraction in the dark. The development of automobile headlights is also constantly updated and upgraded with the changes of the times technology. From the widely recognized halogen headlights to the widely recognized xenon headlights, to the highly respected LED headlights, or the laser headlights that are used as concepts. The lighting of the car is constantly upgrading, but it is limited by cost and technology (mainly cost). The most common halogen lamp is the most common one, and the xenon headlights only account for a small part. LED headlights and laser headlights can only be said to be used in high-end cars, not to have a regular car.

For LED lights, everyone is no stranger, many friends are also trying to modify their own LED small lights, car interior lights, car interior lights, etc., after the modification does show the tall, as the LED headlights can only say Most conversion shops do not have this capability. For the laser headlights, everyone is even more strange, and everyone's impression that the laser should be destructive, how can it be made into car headlights? In fact, I want to say that this is the technology, let's briefly introduce the laser headlights.

Said that the laser headlights have to talk about the BBA, especially the contest between BMW and Audi, it can be said that one after another, you introduce the matrix LED, the opponent will immediately launch the laser headlights, followed by the filling of the product, between this technology The tricks are very exciting, of course, other major brands are not willing to show their own products, so it has led to the gradual formation of laser headlights and other technologies. The light source of the laser headlight is a laser diode, which was born in the same era as the LED (light-emitting diode). As for the working principle of the laser diode, there is not much introduction here, because everyone is more concerned about the safety and practicality of the use of the laser headlight. . A simple understanding of laser headlights is not directly irradiated by a laser beam, but instead three laser beams are directed at a set of reflecting lenses in the lamp. After reflection, the laser energy will be concentrated in a lens filled with yellow phosphorous (yellow phosphor). At this time, the yellow phosphorus is excited by the laser, and it will emit a strong white light. This white light is refracted to the reflector to form the car's light.

Advantages and disadvantages of laser headlights

Compared with LED headlights, laser headlights have the advantage that the integration is much smaller than the LED size, and the illumination can be increased by hundreds of times. Generally, the illumination of a laser headlight is 170 lumens per watt. Compared with 100 lumens per watt of LED, the brightness is almost doubled, and the illumination distance is nearly twice as high as that of the LED. The illumination distance is twice that of conventional LEDs. In terms of size, this one is a hundred times shorter than the current small LED.

There may be doubts in this, will this kind of laser ray cause harm to people and animals? In fact, the laser used in laser headlights is absolutely harmless to humans, animals and the natural environment. The blue laser emitted by the transmitter is also converted into natural and pure white before it is shot on the road surface, making the human eye feel softer and not The eye will be damaged by the irradiation. Not only that, the characteristics of the laser parallel light make the car headlights completely controllable, that is, the car headlights can achieve separate illumination for any obstacles, instead of being obscured by strong light after a certain distance. This kind of effect makes the car clearly see the road condition when driving at night, which greatly improves the safety of driving at night. This is also the development trend of the car intelligent headlights. Such intelligent technology is nothing but a huge benefit for the owner.

Speaking of this, there may be some doubts. If the weather is foggy, can this laser headlight be able to cope with it? In fact, this problem is slightly biased, but there are some laser light modification parts on the market that are very popular with everyone. The main role is to play a reminder role in the fog. In fact, in the environment where the visibility of the halogen lamp is low, the light emitted by the halogen lamp is more penetrating, while other lights are not effective. According to current automotive technology, this is not a problem. The problem lies in manufacturing costs. For ordinary cars, halogen lamps are the real demand.

In short, new technologies are always suddenly presented to us, and the application of new technologies must be under cost control. Judging from the current situation, the xenon lamp is not popular, and the LED headlights are only partial, not to mention the laser headlights that are technically bursting. However, the development of new technologies is finally a trend, and it will eventually become popular.

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 LED Street Lamp Technical Descriptions:
1.)Lamp Body: High-Pressure Die-Casting Aluminum. Corrosion Resistant,IP65 or IP68
2.)Application with Polyester Substance in its Surface.
3.)Reflector: High Purity Aluminum or Stainless Steel SS304,Mirror Polish.
4.)LED Cooler: Aluminum Material, Producing By Module
5.)Cover Glass: High Strength and High Transparent Toughened Glass 
6.)Fastener Bolt and Screws: Stainless Steel, Anti-theft screw
7.)Ambient Temp:-40~+50°C;Humidity:10%~95%
8.)Arm Diameter: 48 or 60mm

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