GLII: Q1 US becomes the first export destination of China LED bulb

[Text/GLII] Compared with Q1 2013, the export volume of LED bulbs exported to the United States increased by 4.75 percentage points, and the export volume of LED bulbs exported to Japan decreased by 7.91 percentage points. In the first quarter of 2014, the United States replaced Japan as the first export destination for LED bulbs in China.

From the comparison of the export volume and export volume of export destination countries in the first quarter of 2013-2014, it can be found that the export volume and export volume of LED bulbs exported to Japan have gradually declined. In the first quarter of 2014, the United States accounted for more than Japan’s share of exports and exports.

Japan is the first country in the world to announce the ban on incandescent lamps. In 2012, the Japanese government demanded a complete cessation of manufacturing and sales of high-energy incandescent lamps. In recent years, Japan has become the fastest growing region in the LED lighting industry, especially after the “3.11 earthquake and nuclear power plant crisis”. The energy crisis has prompted Japan to further accelerate its energy conservation. At present, Japan’s LED lighting penetration rate has exceeded 70%. The market is becoming more mature. The Japanese LED bulb market has gone through a process of rapid growth, and will enter a stage of steady growth in the later stage.

At present, the LED market share in the US lighting market is still relatively low, but the growth rate is very fast, especially the current US government has increased the energy-saving subsidies for LED lighting products. In addition, on January 1, 2014, the United States completely banned all incandescent lamps. Both greatly promoted the rapid growth of demand for LED lighting in the United States.

Compared with the Japanese and American markets, GLII expects that in the third quarter of 2014, the bulbs exported to the United States will continue to show rapid growth. In 2014, the United States will become the first export destination of LED bulbs in China.

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