Bring the lighting environment of a five-star hotel to your home

Create a comfortable living space, in addition to elegant furniture and lamps, and a professional dimmer to integrate the lighting environment, Lite-Puter helps you to achieve professional dimmers that will only be used in restaurants, restaurants, shopping malls and museums. Ideal for general residences.

Lite-Puter recently released the thin wall-mounted dimmer Lite-Puter to launch the world's first thinnest wall-mounted professional dimmer EDX-610 in response to the general price and installation considerations, and one-to-one dimming with the general household. Different switches, the EDX-610 can control six sets of lamps at the same time. With the ECP series of panels and remote control, you can control the lights in any area of ​​your home anytime, anywhere. Allows you to enter the house with a button to brighten the whole family. You can turn off the whole family's lights from the bedroom before going to bed. You don't need to touch the black to find the bedroom door. It has excellent cost performance, in addition to fine-tuning the brightness of the light, you can set a variety of different The scene provides a multi-faceted change in the home environment, a finger movement that allows you to create a high-quality light environment between light and shadow. In addition to increasing the indoor atmosphere, the main added value of the dimming system is energy saving.

High quality battery bring to Long Working Time Bluetooth Earphone, also enjoy perfect music and clear voice call. Since our earphone`s battery over 85mAH and use button battery, all of our TWS Bluetooth Earphones can use 4-7hours. One charger for a longer time, more convenient and better life.


Our long working time Bluetooth Earphone is far more than most of the same type of Bluetooth Headset only 2-3 hours of work time, at the same time, can also guarantee 10-15 meters of Bluetooth distance, CVC6.0 noise reduction, above CSR4.2V Bluetooth chip, quality and function are far more than the same products, but the price is very competitive. It is your good choice of self use and business opportunity.

Long Working Time Bluetooth Earphone

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