"Blue Thin Mushrooms" Nintendo Switch Card Capacity is Only 16GB

Tencent Digital (Wen Xin) According to Ubergizmo website, one of the interesting aspects of the Nintendo Switch is that in its "trailer", Nintendo almost confirmed that Switch's game carrier is a cassette instead of a CD, PS4, Xbox One and Wii. U and other game machines use the disc as a game carrier.

It is also almost confirmed that it is absolutely impossible to use the Switch to play Blu-ray Disc to watch movies. The Wall Street Journal reporter Takashi Mochizuki recently released a tweet to disclose the storage capacity of Switch's cassette. According to Mochizuki, Switch will be released with a "standard" cassette with a capacity of 16GB.

Ubergizmo said that this means that the maximum storage capacity of the Switch game cartridge is similar to that of a single-layer Blu-ray game, which means that Skyrim Special Edition may not appear on the Switch because its size exceeds. 20GB. So this means that Switch users can't play this game, they can only play the Lite version.

There have been rumors that Switch's processing power is not as strong as that of Microsoft's or Sony's game consoles. Therefore, if the cassette storage capacity is only 16GB, the game quality may be lower than we expected. In addition, there are rumors that the Switch is configured with a 720p screen, which means that 16GB of capacity should be sufficient.

Source: Ubergizmo

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