Amazon launches suspended airship to provide extended service for drone delivery

Anyone who knows Amazon may know that this company is not only an e-commerce giant, but also a complete "expert" in warehouse logistics management.

This is not difficult to understand, after all, logistics plays a very important role in the development of any e-commerce company. Earlier, we have seen the case of Amazon's "unmanned aerial vehicle" distribution of goods, and now, this company is even more bold, and came up with a "high-altitude suspension warehouse."

Amazon launches suspended airships to provide extended services for drone delivery

At the end of 2014, Amazon applied to the US Trademark Patent Office for a patent called “No-Load Logistics Center”. To put it bluntly, the company wanted to build a floating logistics center at high altitude and then use the drone to deliver the goods to consumers.

This kind of idea sounds a bit unrealistic and unrealistic. But think about it, it happens to be an extension of the company's drone distribution project. However, the empty logistics center mentioned in this patent is even more “crazy”.

According to the patent description, Amazon will deploy these suspended warehouses in advance over the designated area, and then assign a small "spaceship" to transport the goods ordered by the consumer to the nearest suspended warehouse to the destination distribution, and finally the drone will complete The last mile of delivery.

It should be emphasized that the patent mentions that the delivery area of ​​the drone is not restricted, that is to say, it is no longer just to transport the goods to our common pick-up point or receiving container, but to “point-to-point” delivery to The receiving area specified by each user.

Of course, the entire process is not completely automated and requires manual assistance. For example, the patent mentions that the operator will sit in the spacecraft and come to the designated suspension warehouse. Their task is to manage and load the order cargo for the drone.

If Amazon can really turn this invention into reality in the future, don't be surprised when this UFO-like suspension appears above the doorstep!

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